Questions for my FieldGulls bretheren (pre-pre season edition) #2

I know we are all ready for the new season of the NFL to kick-off. Hell, when was the last time you have been this excited about this team? Granted, I was born in 1990, but I've been a Hawks fan for life, and even in the Hasselbeck/Alexander years I was never this excited. The sheer potential is enough to make any football fan giddy with girlish excitement. That is in the same vain as I write these posts; trying to be a true football observer, but unable to put aside by enthusiasm for this season.

If anyone of you has read my previous posts you know how this works; I ask questions and I want your opinions on said questions. Except starting now, I will also answer my own questions. My main goal is to hear what you have to say, but I'd love to stroke my ego and have you respond to my individual answers as well.

1) How improved will the O-Line be this season.

I know this is a tricky question, and even advanced stats don't properly portray that (as I believe). I think we will cement ourselves as a top 5 group this year. With Okung and Unger, and hopefully a healthy Carpenter, we will be able to be the road grating group Cable knows we can be. I think the right side might be a weakness, but should be solid enough to let us be effective there.

2) How good will the pass rush be?

This again was a big issue last year, even though we look good stats wise. I think Danny O'Neil is right in pointing out our main problems were 1st down run D, and 3rd down pass D. Of course, the 3rd down pass D has a ton to do with the pressure we create. Sure, we will be without Clem and Irvin for at least a few weeks, but with our signings we shouldn't have a huge drop off, I just want others to be there to fill the role. Especially with Quinn's more aggressive style of D. Season long, how good will we be? Just enough to let our secondary do their job, or will they create proper pressure and put the strangle hold on them?

3) Is Russell Wilson more instrumental to winning then last year?

Seems like an obvious question yes? No. As we've heard from the coaches this is still a, by far, run first team. We will live and die by our ability to rush the ball. By all accounts we should be more than good on this, but thats not the questions is it? I think he might be more in charge in the first half, but I would argue his job is still mainly in the 4th quarter. I'd say he might be put in charge more in do-or-die situations, but no more responsibility for the majority of the game.

4) Why should the Legion of Boom be weaker then last year?

I know, I know, it shouldn't be. Yet as John Kitna said on "Brock and Danny", "You don't get to take off where you did last year (paraphrase)." And with the addition of Winfield, we should be even better right? Alright, so this is contradicting my questions but the answer lies within the D-line. We should be at least as good, if not better, if we can dial up the pressure to a reasonable degree.

5) Who is our real Will?

I'm talking weak side linebacker of course, and I just don't see an answer there. We might go with that spot with Irvin when he gets back, but that's not a true "will". I'm talking base formation. The player who can cover and make tackles. I'm sure Malcolm Smith will the get the start, but I'm not convinced. Tell what you think about it.

Well there's the shortened version of my segment, I appreciate all your responses. This is by far the best Seahawks oriented site on the internet. Go Hawks.

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