My dear Jim letter.

Dear Jim,

First let me apologize for my undue familiarity. I felt that starting with "Dear Mr. Harbaugh" or "Coach Harbaugh" might draw the undue attention of the SB winning coach Harbaugh.

So Jim, now that we cleared that up let me get to the purpose of my letter.

Being a man of principles, a man of high morals, an old school disciplinarian and a fair and honest leader of men – I felt it's my obligation to bring to your attention some events involving members of your team. From your silence lately I must assume that you have no knowledge of those events.

To be more specific, I bring to your attention the plight of Mr. Divens. Lamar Divens is a formidable man who found himself in a very unpleasant situation just because he tried to do the right thing. He was trying to protect a teammate and the team and ended up being assaulted a bitten up in front of his wife and a few other teammates.

It's a horrible experience for such a tough mountain of man to be treated this way. It's even worse when that happened at the hands of a teammate he called his friend.

All Divens tried to do was to prevent a drunken teammate from driving under the influence and thus endangering him and others while risking the team if he got picked up by the police. A clear indication of how right he was is the weapon of choice used to attack Divens. The assault was a "heat of the moment" thing when a drunken teammate just attacked Divens with whatever he had in his hand. Guess what that was? A beer bottle.

I know that sometimes things can get out of hand even between friends and teammates. It's more likely to happen when drinking is involved. However, this event wasn't just some short lived scuffle between friends; this was serious enough for the police to be involved.

Here comes the worse part of it all. Instead of standing tall' defending his actions and charging his assailant as he originally intended, Mr. Divens was reduced to calling the prosecutor and asking for the charges to be dropped since "it would be bad for both their careers". Hmmm…both our careers? How exactly would it be bad for Divens career? He hasn’t played a game since 2010.

I only wonder who was it that whispered in the ears of Lamar advising him it would be smarter for his career to swallow this huge frog. Was it someone affiliated with 49er's organization?

Anyway Jim, your silence during the weeks after that event has been roaring. Maybe a few quotes would help you get a clearer picture:

"Even without Divens' support, prosecutors submitted an application Thursday to Judge Sharon Chatman seeking an arrest warrant on a felony assault charge with great bodily injury. A judge signed the warrant, but one day later, higher-ranking officials decided to put a hold on the case."


"According to police, Brooks hit teammate Lamar Divens with the bottle three times and then punched him in the face during an early morning argument on June 8. The alleged attack left Divens with a 3-inch cut on his forehead, according to police statements accompanying the warrant application."


"The controversy stems from a June 8 incident in which Brooks allegedly struck 49ers nose tackle Lamar Divens three times in the head with a beer bottle and then punched him in the face during an argument over car keys outside Brooks' house in San Jose. The alleged attack left Divens bloodied and requiring three stitches, according to court documents."

I'm sure you can see the full picture now. It doesn't smell good does it?

Yes, I understand that with Brook's past history of previous incidents during his time in Virginia and with the Bengals such a charge could affect his availability on the field. I also understand that as the coach that gave him last year a 44M contract you would like nothing better then for all of it to go away. With the Hernandez fiasco the NFL may share your view and play deft and dumb unless forced to deal with it.

So be it. At least this time he didn't punch a woman in the face like last time.

However, the next time you feel the urge to act all high and mighty with regards to players that are not on your team I suggest you keep your mouth shut just like you are doing with Brooks. While you may want it to just go quietly into the night – We'll remember it and remind you of it if needed. Again and again and again…

Cheaters can't be winners, bitters cant be wieners or something like that.

I'm done, enjoy your peaceful rest till training camp, sorry to have bothered you Jim.

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