Seahawks Jersey Poll 2013

Hey all you faithful Seahawks fans and Field Gulls readers, and any random fans from across the NFL lurking because that is what you do! Since I enjoy talking about the Seahawks but never have something interesting to say on Field Gulls and am not good at analysis, I decided to talk about the most pointless and also not-so-pointless topic of the Seahawks uniforms (I hope nobody wrote about this already because that would mildly to majorly disappoint me). A we saw last year, the Seahawks got some wild new uniforms from Nike. Either you hated them or you kind of liked them and then really liked them at the end of the year. I was in the latter group. I think most people agreed that they were better than the previous uniforms the team had donned. The cool part for me was that the Seahawks had the option of wearing different combinations of uniforms in different games. For me, I was always interested to see what the team would wear during an away game, and was always disappointed when it was all white. On to my ranking of the Seahawks uniform combinations (all the possible combos, not just the ones they wore) of which you will probably care very little for and will think I should just stick to reading on Field Gulls.

#1-White Top/Blue Bottom


"I look good don't I coach?"

#2-White Top/Grey Bottom


"My shoe is untied"

#3-Blue Top/White Bottom


Too bad this will never happen

#4-Blue Top/Grey Bottom


"I don't approve of cursing, but I am, in fact, a Swarthy Motherfucker"

#5-Blue Top/Blue Bottom


Prison Rulez

#6-Grey Top/Grey Bottom


"Did we finally win the Grey Cup?"

#7-White Top/White Bottom


All white is so weak, Red Bryant got trucked by Mini-Me

#8-Grey Top/Blue Bottom

I couldn't even find a picture of this so I'm not sure. I guess I'll put it here.

#9-Grey Top/White Bottom


Makes about as much sense as Frank Gore in a spelling bee

So, there you have it. My opinion on the Seahawks uniform combinations. If you care, Awesome! If you don't, I never liked you anyways. But I want to hear from you (all 2 of you that actually clicked on this FanPost and read far enough to get down here). What Seahawks jersey combo do you like best and would like to see worn more often?

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