Forbes: Seattle Seahawks 27th most valuable sports franchise in the world


#1 Real Madrid Value: $3.3 billion Owner: Club members

#2 Manchester United Value: $3.165 billion Owner: Glazer family

#3 Barcelona Value: $2.6 billion Owner: Club members

#4 New York Yankees Value: $2.3 billion Owner: Steinbrenner Family

#5 Dallas Cowboys Value: $2.1 billion Owner: Jerry Jones

#6 New England Patriots Value: $1.635 billion Owner: Robert Kraft

#7 Los Angeles Dodgers Value: $1.615 billion Owner: Guggenheim Baseball

#8 Washington Redskins Value: $1.6 billion Owner: Daniel Snyder

#9 New York Giants Value: $1.468 billion Owners: John Mara, Steven Tisch

#10 Arsenal Value: $1.326 billion Owner: Stan Kroenke

#11 Boston Red Sox Value: $1.312 billion Owners: John Henry, Thomas Werner

#12 Bayern Munich Value: $1.309 billion Owner: Club members

#13 Houston Texans Value: $1.305 billion Owner: Robert McNair

#14 New York Jets Value: $1.284 billion Owner: Robert Wood Johnson IV

#15 Philadelphia Eagles Value: $1.26 billion Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

#16 Chicago Bears Value: $1.19 billion Owner: McCaskey Family

#17 San Francisco 49ers Value: $1.175 billion Owners: Denise DeBartolo York, John York

#18 Green Bay Packers Value: $1.161 billion Owner: Shareholder-owned

#19 Baltimore Ravens Value: $1.157 billion Owner: Stephen Bisciotti

#20 Indianapolis Colts Value: $1.154 billion Owner: James Irsay

#21 Ferrari Value: $1.15 billion Owner: Fiat Group

#22 Denver Broncos Value: $1.132 billion Owner: Patrick Bowlen

#23 New York Knicks Value: $1.1 billion Owner: Madison Square Garden Co.

#24 Pittsburgh Steelers Value: $1.1 billion Owners: Daniel Rooney, Art Rooney II

#25 Miami Dolphins Value: $1.06 billion Owner: Stephen Ross

#26 Carolina Panthers Value: $1.048 billion Owner: Jerry Richardson*

#27 Seattle Seahawks Value: $1.04 billion Owner: Paul Allen

#28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Value: $1.033 billion Owner: Glazer family

#29 Tennessee Titans Value: $1.011 billion Owner: Kenneth Adams Jr

#30 Kansas City Chiefs Value: $1.008 billion Owner: Lamar Hunt Family

#31 Chicago Cubs Value: $1 billion Owner: Ricketts Family

#31 Los Angeles Lakers Value: $1 billion Owners: Buss family, Philp Anschutz

#31 Toronto Maple leafs Value: $1 billion Owners: Bell Canada, Rogers Communications

#34 Cleveland Browns Value: $987 million Owner: Jimmy Haslam

#35 Minnesota ViKings Value: $975 million Owner: Zygmunt Wilf

#36 New Orleans Saints Value: $971 million Owners: Thomas Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc

#37 AC Milan Value: $945 million Owner: Silvio Berlusconi*

#38 San Diego Chargers Value: $936 million Owner: Spanos family

#39 Arizona Cardinals Value: $922 million Owner: William Bidwill

#40 Chelsea Value: $901 million Owner: Roman Abramovich

#41 Philadelphia Phillies Value: $893 million Owners: Partnership led by David Montgomery

#42 Cincinnati Bengals Value: $871 million Owner: Michael Brown

#43 Detroit Lions Value: $855 million Owner: William Clay Ford

#44 Atlanta Falcons Value: $837 million Owner: Arthur Blank

#45 New York Mets Value: $811 million Owners: Fred and Jeff Wilpon, Saul Katz

#46 Buffalo Bills Value: $805 million Owner: Ralph Wilson Jr

#47 Chicago Bulls Value: $800 million Owner: Jerry Reinsdorf

#47 McLaren Value: $800 million Owner: McLaren Group

#49 San Francisco Giants Value: $786 million Owners: Partnership led by Charles Johnson

#50 Oakland Raiders Value: $785 million Owner: Mark Davis

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