Why NOT to Worry about the Seahawks


3-4 months actually^

Offseason and Preseason...The time where you only hear bad news in the NFL. We all glue ourselves to our TVs or smart phones praying you don't hear Adam Schefter or Ian Rapoport tweeting about your team. Sadly this happened to my beloved Seahawks. Starting with the 4 game suspension of Defensive End Bruce Irvin and more recently Percy Harvin undergoing Surgery on his hip and missing 3-4 Months. (Nov. or Dec. return date.). 10 minutes later I read Rice is going to the Swiss to help with his knee problems. I slammed my fists on the break room table in disgust thinking "why football gods do you curse me!"... That its my time for my team to shine again and rub it in to those obnoxious Steelers and Eagles fans (I was born in Seattle currently live in PA).

Then I continue to read and see that coach Pete Carroll does not expect Rice to miss any preseason games due to no surgery involved treatment. Ahh finally a chance to breathe, but I stop and think. Why am I so worried?

We did great without Harvin last year with an 11-5 record and 31 seconds away from an NFC Championship Game..

Russell Wilson will be even better..

We Still have BEAST MODE..

We have a solid WR crew..

We picked up more players on defense to replace the ones we lost or till they get back on the team..

Zach Miller showed us how he can really play towards the end of the season..

Not to forget the BEST DEFENSE in the league that includes the Legion of Boom..

Harvin was just a luxury to an already potent offense. With Wilson having a year under his belt and complete control at the beginning of the season expect great things like the end of last year. Now I'm not saying will score 50+ but we will not lose close games when he has the pigskin in his hand. Rice,Tate, and Baldwin also keep improving and I see no reason for them to stop especially with Tate having his last year under contract this season. Plus the addition of rookie Chris Harper which he will get the chance to gain only improvement with more reps due to Harvin's Injury. Who knows maybe another diamond in the rough that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have discovered. Then tight end Zach Miller becoming clutch in the end of the season and playoffs (best: 142 yards receiving and a TD in the final game of their vs. Falcons). We will see more of that this season. And we are still a RUN first offense. With Marshawn Lynch and Michael Robinson leading the way. New ways to use the read option and then execute with passing.

Sooo lets look up what we picked up. Antoine Winfield, Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett. Our defense is Stronger or at least the same. (loss of Clemons, Trufant and Irvin).

Lets Compare!

Defensive Ends.

Avril and Bennett 2012 season: Sacks: 19 Tackles: 76 Forced Fumbles: 5

Clemons and Irvin 2012 season: Sacks: 19.5 Tackles: 56 Forced Fumbles: 4

Granted I would love to see all of them together right away (that time will come!) but Avril and Bennett will continue the progress of becoming a better D-Line that needs to improve on rushing the passer and stopping the run.

Yes I know we lost Alan Branch and and Jason Jones to free agency. But we still have Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant plus fellow rookies Penn State Allumni Jordan Hill and Alabama Jesse Williams. The rookies will have more reps due to the losses and become better players and ready if needed.

Now to the Defensive Backs as much as I love Trufant.. Winfield is a much better defensive back even as they have both became old. Him being in the nickel role with the Legion of Boom will be Amazing! Of course Winfield will see less snaps this year which will mean he will not be worn down and play great football every down he is on the field. The numbers speak for themselves.

2012 Marcus Trufant vs. Antoine Winfield

CB Winfield Trufant
Games 16 12
Snaps 1,056 365
Pct. 90.6 35.4
Tackles 101 34
Solo 72 24
Assists 29 10
Sacks 0.5 0.0
Passes defensed 5 2
INT 3 0
Source: ESPN Stats & Information

Food for Thought: The Seahawks will do fine without Harvin Irvin Clemons. Lets just imagine how sweet it will be once they all come back and the Hawks kick it into overdrive when teams are running on fumes. Using plays that teams (in the later half when it really matters) have not seen or been able to properly prepare for because we have yet to use them. This becomes opposing Offenses and Defenses Nightmares.

Go Hawks.

-From a lone 12th man once of the West now of the East.

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