Preseason and dynasty

Just random thoughts after the first game.

A good football team becomes a dynasty if they can sustain excellence beyond a momentary peak. The draft and the salary cap are there to prevent you from being a dynasty in the interest of equality and parity.

Hence, if you were lucky enough to hit the jackpot repeatedly and have a roster full of great talent at bargain prices (rookies) you know that those guys are looking for a payday in a year or two or three.

If you have the best secondary in football, a very solid LBs group and a franchise QB at 10M combined you have been very very very very lucky or smart. You know that all those hungry mouths are going to ask for a few tens of millions of dollars in the near future. You also know that you’ll need to free those tens of millions from you currently packed cap using the 3 basic methods for it:

CUT/TRADE – You take a player that makes a ton of money already and you cut him or trade him to another team. You save that ton of money from your cap and use it to pay your talented hungry mouths. It’s the fastest way to create cap space but players that make a ton of money usually earn it by being very good at what they do and you hate loosing them.

RESTRUCT- Such a nice elegent word describing such an ugly reality. You come to a player making tons of money and tell him – we promised you tons of money, we are not going to pay you tons of money, play for less. Save a few millions here, a few millions there and it adds. You basically get to keep the cake and eat it but you won’t get tens of millions saved that way.

CUT MIDDLEMEN- No, I don’t mean buy from the source. The middlemen are mildly talented players at less than crucial positions making an honest few millions of dollars for their hard work. 3-6M each will help you build your cap space.

Now, what does that have to do with the preseason games? A lot actually.

The preseason games for a team like the seahawks gives you a glimpse at your future dynasty chances. This is where you get to see how the above steps can be made without drastically affecting your team to the worse. If you need an extra 25M to keep your stars for 2014 you can see the future looking at the guys playing the preseason games.

You can see Williams catching the long bombs and see saving on Rice’s cap hit.

You can see Mayowa sacking the QB or Hill penetrating the pocket and see savings on Clem/Avril/Bennet cap hit.

You can see Ware and Michael running and see savings on Lynch/Rob’s cap hit.

You can see Bailey and Bowie blocking and see savings on Breno/McQ/Carpenter cap hit.

You can see Wilson catching 2 passes and see savings on Miller’s cap hit.

Watching a preseason game is not a glimpse of how good will this team be this year but it is a small indication that this team may be more than just a peak of cheap talent coming together on a given year.

When you realize that most of those names were either late round picks or UDFAs you begin to admire this FO even more then you already did. We may be picking very late in the draft in the coming years but that’s what we do best.


I know I do.

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