I can't count to 15. Can you name the 15 cuts for the 27th?

I think it's a good time to ask this question. You've made your 53 man roster now (after revising it like 53 times). And you’ll revise it again a couple dozen times more before then. But for now, who’s on that list of 15 cuts for the 27th?

Who’s stashed? Who has that pesky nagging mysterious injury? Who is a good trade candidate? Who is a good throw in on a trade? But still the biggest question is who, who is on that cut list. The outright you’re gone, the coach wants to see you, bring your playbook, don't let the door hit you on the way to SeaTac gang of 15 or so.

My thoughts stash the whole 2013 draft class except maybe Michael, Willson and one of J. Williams or J. Hill who will be on the 53.

Mystery injury? Who can't we put on the Practice Squad because he'll be gone for sure? Michael, Hill, Harper, Williams, Simon, Willson, Ware, and Powell have to be placed somewhere safe. Who else? I don't know, fuck, I'm not Lord Hu, Hazbro, Jason Drake and the Mathonauts, Shit, who do I think I am, Harvey Smartassnotski? As it is I just want John S. to make all the right moves then I can say that’s what I said I would have done.

Trade candidates? Well a while ago I suggested Baldwin, but what with Harvin’s injury that looks absurd. It was kinda absurd anyway. But you know, I mean, you know.

Trades? Moffitt, Bates, Helfet, pick a DB, Moffitt, Morgan, Maxwell, anyone, anyone, Moffitt, Bueller?

Throw in? Love ya John Moffitt, I really do. But is your value greater in a deal than being on this team and in this locker room?

The 15 list in no particular order; Perez Ashford, Arceto Clark, Donavon Kemp (if not sooner), Andrei Lintz, Martin Parker, Kyle Knox, Heath Farwell (Sorry dude), Craig Wilkins, Will Blackmon, Winston Guy, Ron Parker, Carson Wiggs and Kyle Nelson. Yes I know this isn’t 15 cuts it really is never usually 15 cuts. It is 15 or more moves to get down to 75. And this doesn’t include any of the pup, IR or other bag of tricks that John Schneider will use to hang on to the projects. He'll also churn about 3 to infinity more players on and off the roster before then, probably. These 1st moves have to be easier than the last cuts to the 53.

What’s your take?

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