The Madden Demo Seahawks Depth Chart

As a football junkie, video game fan, hardcore Madden player and professional game developer I'm kind of a nerd about this stuff.

QB: 3

1. Russell Wilson

2. Brady Quinn

3. T-Jack Future

Thoughts: Nothing too surprising here. Wilson is massively upgraded from where he started in Madden terms last year. His throwing power and accuracy are both upgraded heavily. Quinn is marginally more accurate than Tarvaris but slower and has a much noodlier arm.

RB: 3

1. Marshawn Lynch

2. Robert Turbin

3. Christine Michael

Thoughts: The biggest thing that stood out to me was that Turbin got a massive speed boost. Last year he was an 89, this year a 93. Michael has a lower speed at 92 and much worse acceleration. This feels like one of those things where Donny Moore doesn't know much about either player and just guessed.

FB: 2

1. Michael Robinson

2. Spencer Ware

Thoughts: Ware is faster and shiftier, but he is a much worse run blocker. Oddly he grades out as a better pass blocker.

TE: 5

1. Zach Miller

2. Luke Willson

3. Sean McGrath

Bench. Anthony McCoy

Bench Clint Gresham

Thoughts: EA continues to put Gresham on the roster as a TE. In Madden a LS is virtually useless compared to real lie. Luke Willson has the best speed and strength of any TE on the roster, but catching is a bit behind McCoy.

WR: 11

1. Percy Harvin

2. Sidney Rice

3. Golden Tate

4. Doug Baldwin

5. Chris Harper

6. Brett Swain

Bench Jermaine Kearse

Bench Charly Martin

Bench Stephen Williams

Bench Phil Bates

Bench Bryan Walters

Thoughts: Obviously they have no idea who is gonna make the roster at this point. Also having Harvin as WR1 would line him up in the wrong spot in the game compared to real life.

LT: 2

1. Russell Okung

2. Mike Person

Thoughts: Backup OL are almost never used in Madden so yeah.

LG: 4

1. James Carpenter

2. John Moffitt

3. Rishaw Johnson

Bench Alvin Bailey

Thoughts: Moffitt and Carpenter are fairly identical in blocking ratings, but Carpenter has the edge in physical attributes like speed and strength.

C: 2

1. Max Unger

2. Lemuel Jeanpierre

Thoughts: Max Unger gets better and better every year in Madden. It took Donny Moore awhile to realize he's actually good I guess.

RG: 2

1. Paul McQuistan

2. JR Sweezy

Thoughts: Sweezy is stupid fast for an offensive lineman in Madden. His strength is pretty low though. His blocking ratings are all mostly behind McQuistan as well.

RT: 2

1. Breno Giaomini

2. Michael Bowie

Thoughts: Nothing to write home about here from either player. Probably the weakest starting spot on the roster.

LE: 3

1. Michael Bennett

2. Red Bryant

3. Gregg Scruggs

Thoughts: One of the crappy things about Madden is the way the depth charts work for DL and WR. Its kind of archaic and for a team like Seattle that is really flexible in DL roles it shows. I feel like Red Bryant is under rated as well, but this is probably because the ratings system tends to skew in favor of pass rushers more than run stuffers.

RE: 3

1. Cliff Avril

2. Bruce Irvin

3. Chris Clemons

Thoughts: Again I think this is a limitation of the engine and how it handles depth charts. And also them probably not knowing about Irvin's position change. Clemons is probably only not a starter because of the real life injury.

DT: 6


2. Tony McDaniel

3. Clint McDonald

4. Jaye Howard

5. Jesse Williams

6. Jordan Hill

Thoughts: Apparently Jesse Williams is the strongest defensive tackle on the Seahawks. Also like the other DL positions dudes are in this order cause of the archaic depth chart stuff.


1. KJ Wright

2. Michael Morgan

3. Korey Toomer

Thoughts: Looks about the same as last year with minor bumps for each player. Donny Moore's laziness in full effect.

MLB: 2

1. Bobby Wagner

2. Ty Powell

Thoughts: On the one hand, Bobby Wagner is way more awesome than last year! On the other hand the depth here looks all wrong.


1. Heath Farwell

2. Malcom Smith

3. Allan Bradford

Thoughts: Farwell was the 4th best LBer on the Seahawks roster in Madden 13, so its unsurprising to me that in the wake of LeRoy Hill's departure he got bumped to starting ROLB from backup MLB. Overall he's pretty slow and this ugliness will probably be rectified by the first or second roster update.

CB: 10

1. Richard Sherman

2. Brandon Browner

3. Antoine Winfield

4. Walter Thurmond 3

5. Jeremy Lane

Bench Byron Maxwell

Bench Tharold Simon

Bench Will Blackmon

Bench Deshawn Shead

Bench Ron Parker

Thoughts: Much like the WR group, Donny Moore clearly has no idea what is gonna happen here so he just put everyone on. For a preliminary roster that's honestly fine. Winfield is better than Browner in the oh so useless Overall rating. In more important to Madden news, the Seahawks have a ton of slow as shit CBs. Theonly guy over 91 speed is Shead. Unless they made CBs play physically finally, expect to see Browner get burned, a lot.

FS: 2

1. Earl Thomas

2. Chris Maragos

Thoughts: Earl Thomas is awesome and likely under rated at the same time in Madden. Maragos is a mediocre backup.

SS: 3

1. Kam Chancellor

2. Jeron Johnson

3. Wiinston Guy

Thoughts: I almost feel like Kam Chancellor's 93 hit power is too low. Other than that this group looks largely unchanged from last year.

K/P: 2

K Hauschka

P Ryan

Thoughts: Nothing really to say about these two.

Total players: 73



1. Golden Tate

2. Will Blackmon

3. Percy Harvin


1. Will Blackmon

2. Percy Harvin

3. Golden Tate

Thoughts: Apparently Donny Moore is really high on Will Blackmon's ability to return kicks.

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