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World English Dictionary

bandwagon (ˈbændˌwæɡən) — noun

  1. ( US ) a wagon, usually high and brightly coloured, for carrying the band in a parade.

  2. jump on the bandwagon , climb on the bandwagon , get on the bandwagon. to join or give support to a party or movement that seems to be assured of success.


I love to read about the Seahawks on a bunch of sports news/columnists/blogs and I always have since I first fell in love with Seahawks Football (back in 2002). In the past 5 months there have been plentiful articles and insights about the present and projected future success of our team. I have relished this moment for it seems that analysts and fans alike have acknowledged us on a level of grandeur.

At the bottom of every article/blog is a feedback bar which I also like to read. I love to see fans share the common match hype of our teams playing against each other. Although, most feedback’s are people with asinine remarks and opinions. You already know the classification of these people and If you have been around in the past 6 months you already have a filter for them. But even though their arguments are flawed, they share a reoccurring commenting theme that gets to me.

The name "Seahawks" and symbol "Bandwagon" have become mashed together. As I mentioned before, I am a rabid fan of Seattle Seahawks Football and I can't ignore these trolls who consistently challenge my love for our team.

I have to admit, I was once a beginning fan. In 2002, I could no longer play football. I was not built to play football and it showed. But I still loved the game and decided to start watching pro-football. At that time, Trent Dilfer went down with a torn achilles. And sure enough, in stepped his replacement, a backup QB, a face of a franchise, a Matthew Hasselbeck. It was point when we became a bandwagon team because of our up and coming high caliber offense and I was on that bandwagon.

At that time, Hasselbeck was the only player I knew and that I could recite. But surely enough, shortly after I began to learn and follow the other players. Shaun Alexander, Darrell Jackson, Walter Jones, Rocky bernard, etc. The more I learned, the more I became infatuated with this franchise. And little did I know that the team I obsessed over would eventually represent the NFC in the Superbowl a few years later.

I followed our team through the thick and thin since then. I supported them through the turmoil campaigns in 2008 and 2009. I still watched every game and stood behind the organization as much as possible (I bought a TJ Houshmandzadeh Jersey in 2008 and an Aaron Curry Jersey in 2009). I had become a lifelong follower of the Seattle Seahawks Franchise. In the early winter of 2011 my faith was rewarded with a beast quake and In the following 2011 season I foresaw what most of you also foresaw. A powerhouse in the making.

In the past year I have gotten both my brother and my dad in Seahawks hype mode. In week 2 of the 2012 season, they really only knew Russell Wilson. And now they can recite roughly all of our starters. They now love to watch the games like I do. Of which I can't sit down when I watch and I always have to yell and point and scream and shriek and jump and laugh and rage. I really take the game watching experience to the next level.

People will challenge your degree of worship for your team and you should let them. Because then you will get to recollect and reminisce on the time when you became a fan. If you talked to the most extreme die-hard season ticket holder since 1976 Seahawks fan, they will most likely tell you that our upcoming season is assured success. That assurance is based on the smash mouth powerhouse team that has grown before our very eyes.

And tread lightly on the Seahawk Bandwagoners and those who are becoming fans of our franchise. They will understand in time, when their passion will endure a floundering team in the far future (Hopefully after numerous championships).

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