Side effects - Green Bay game

8th win in a raw at Green Bay.

Ugly case of obvious side effects.

A game like this makes you think. We left Lambeau field with a W. That doesn't happen very often to an NFL team, any NFL team. We should be smiling but we know what we saw all too well – the good, the bad and a lot of the ugly.

You start thinking – why is that happening the way it does? Knowing that might bring some valuable insight as to how it should be fixed and made better.

So, how about the following view:

You take a bunch of young players and you pump them full of the following mantras constantly –

"Be physical"

"We are and will always be a run first team"

"We hate being pincushions, we like to tattoo people"

And then you hammer them constantly with –

"Always compete" which to some of those players sounds like "you better show it to me every second of every minute of every day or you are gone" and to others its "You want it? Show me that you do the above better then the guy ahead of you"

Now put yourselves in the mind of a young man that hears the above over and over and over and tell me if the following side effects are not obvious –

"Coach look, I’m physical, I never give up, I never stop….ooops I did not stop in time"


"Coach did you see me tattoo that guy, and that guy, and that guy? I may not be a great pincushion but I am a tattoo artist!! right coach?"


"OK, so they got a few sacks but we did run for 167 yards first so it’s all cool, right coach?"

Sometimes the obvious answer is not the wrong one.

If I didn't know any better I'd think that a Physical, run first, non pincushion team should end a game at Green Bay winning 17-10 after rushing for 166 yards and be happy. Counting sacks is for pincushions and holding/roughing/after the play penalties are a mark of honor to our physicality.

Maybe it’s time to write "BE SMART" on the locker room walls or RDA (Russell Defense Army) on the Oline helmets?

And maybe that’s what we are for better or worse. Maybe we will lead the league in penalties, sacks allowed and WINS. Maybe those preseason side effects are just minor negative side effects of a major positive attitude that will win ballgames.

One last lingering thought…

I like Schofield and Mayowa but for the sake of putting some pressure on an NFL 1st team QB I sure hope Avril and Clem are back real soon. Watching Rodgers mint clean shirt on the sideline is not my idea of effective pass rushing.

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