The Future of the Ring of Honor

I'd like to start by saying I find the Ring far too inclusive and if I had the power only 3 of the current 10 names would be up (Largent, Kennedy, Easley) but some kind of standard has been set and that standard seems to be completely random so with that in mind I'd like to discuss some omissions from the ring.

1-Walter Jones-How is Walt not in the ring? This one makes absolutely no sense, the guy has his number in the rafters, what they hell? Moving on....

2-Shaun Alexander-For some reason Shaun and his legacy is very polarizing for Seahawks fans but the reality is that he is most likely the 5th greatest Seahawk of all time. NFL MVP (only Hawk with this on their resume), 2 time All Pro, member of an NFL all decade team (huge hall of fame predictor BTW), 100+ touchdowns, leading rusher in franchise history by almost 3000 yards, etc...Shaun likely belongs even by my higher standards.

Those 2 should be no brainers and I have no good reason for why they aren't there, now onto others.

3-Mike Holmgren-I think Holmgren is overrated and took advantage of a weak division while often underachieving (9 win division titles don't impress me much) but at the end of the day he led the team to 5 playoff berths, 4 division titles, and a conference championship which is a better resume than Chuck Knox so even if I think Chuck is a better coach (I do), Mike belongs in the ring.

4-Mack Strong-You could argue Mack was the heart and soul of the Holmgren era and bridge between the Seahawks 'dark ages' and the Holmgren years. This team even fell apart in 2008 after he was done. Rather that was a coincidence or not, Strong is as deserving as many of the 10 in the ring today.

5-John L. Williams and Joe Nash-You can argue these 2 are missing pieces from the Knox era, do they belong?

7-Matt Hasselbeck-Obviously still an active player but if Zorn and Krieg are in the ring how is Matt not automatic once done?

Again, I'd probably prefer a paired down Ring (Largent, Kennedy, Easley, Jones, Alexander) where membership is more exclusive but given the current seemingly random standards it seems like the above 7 players should be added very soon...

Your thoughts...

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