Seahawks Training Camp Observations for Sunday

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

This was my second time attending this year's #BINGCAMP #SEAHAWKS #SPECTACULAR. When I attended last week, I found it pretty difficult to track the action from the far field. Today, with the team practicing mostly on the side field, the crowd was able to circle around the field and get an up close and personal look at this season's squad and roster hopefuls. I am by no means an X's and O's expert, but these are my brief impressions:

- Nothing stood out to me about QB play. It's so hard to tell what good plays/mistakes can be attributed to the passers or pass catchers.

- The running backs were a lot of fun to watch. Marshawn looked incredible, making agile cuts and not budging when contacted. It's so odd to watch him without tackling, as so much of his game is predicated on a physical pummeling style.

Christine Michael looked good as well, making some shifty moves and protecting the ball with good form. He also spent some time working with the special teams returning kicks and punts. He looked pretty good in doing so and I expect him to figure prominently into the discussion there.

As Turbin misses more time and Michael continues to impress, it seems like Turbo will be losing touches. We will see, especially as preseason rolls along.

I didn't notice Ware at all and wonder if he was even participating. Coleman looked decent, flashing a couple of times receiving the ball.

- I didn't pay particular attention to the WR's, but keyed in on Early Doucet a couple of times. He really struggled with a special teams drill in which the receivers and some defensive backs were being asked to down punts near the goal line. Doucet looked absolutely lost and the coach made him do the drill a couple of times in a row. The other receivers were having a pretty easy time there. With that said, Doucet made some nice plays receiving, displaying his YAC ability particularly well during screen drills. Tate and Kearse made some nice plays during 7 on 7, but other than that nobody else stood out.

- Helfet made a nice TD grab during the afformentioned 7 v. 7 and I did not notice McGrath at all. I really liked what I saw out of Helfet at camp last week, to me he seems more explosive than McGrath. It will be interesting to see how much he is deployed as a blocker. If he can be serviceable there while offering plus receiving ability, I'd like to see him stick. Konz was working at TE, so it looks like his chance to stick is there rather than on the defensive side of the ball.

- My favorite drill of the day pitted the offensive line versus the defensive line. The players lined up and, one by one, participated in one on one pass rush/pass protection. Russell Okung absolutely absorbed Ty Powell and Benson Mayowa, dominating both and not letting them get a clean look at the pocket. On the interior, Jordan Hill blasted through Lemuel Jeanpierre untouched, displaying really impressive burst. Jesse Williams showed off some nice moves, including a swim that got him into the pocket.

Jaye Howard was the most impressive D-lineman, showing a good get off and an ability to disrupt the pocket using more nuanced technique than the likes of Clinton McDonald and Williams. McDaniel didn't flash there. Rushing against right tackle, Mike Morgan looked quick. The stand out on the offensive line was Alvin Bailey, who tricked me and a friend into thinking he was Okung on his first rep in which he manhandled one of the LEO hopefuls. He played all over the line and looks like a good versatile piece who is pushing McQuistan for his spot.

I came away more impressed with the interior pass rush than I had been prior. Between Hill, Howard (who was working inside rather than at the 5 tech), and Bennett, I think we will be able to get some pressure in the pocket that can really maximize what the guys outside can bring.

- Linebacker was not a position that I watched very carefully. What really popped was how big KJ Wright is. He doesn't look it on TV, but the dude towers over the rest of that positional group. The other notable was one play in which Lotulelei closed quickly in a goal line drill, making a great stop before the runner could get into the endzone.

- The secondary is so much fun to watch. By far the deepest positional group. I watched them do a tacking drill and Winfield's picture perfect form was pretty impressive. No wonder the dude is such a great run defender. Jeremy Lane worked with the kick returners, as did Will Blackmon, and Lane looked very fluid and explosive with the ball in his hands. He had good timing and reliable hands, as has been evidenced by his proclivity to down the ball as a gunner. The dude has got to be the best 5th corner in the league (assuming Thurmond is healthy and rates higher than him) and is amongst the team's strongest special teams contributors. I'm rooting for him or Michael to get the kick return job.

Also of note - Kam made as huge a hit as can happen during these limited contact practices causing a pop and "ooh"s throughout the crowd. Earl Thomas took a couple of punts, dropping one of them.

Those are my impressions, I can't wait to see these guys duke it out on Thursday!

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