How do you like them pickles? or, Sunday Camp Notes

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

This is mostly from Sunday, but some of it will be compilation work from Thursday and Friday. Most of the comments from Sunday are about 11 on 11 redzone/3rd down work and OL and DL 1 on 1 drills, both of which were mostly right in front of us. Could not see 7 on 7 from where we were sitting.


Wilson - he's good, I mean he was brought in to be the eventual starter, but if Quinn wins the competition, do you think we might trade Wilson?

I thought Quinn had looked superior to Tarvaris at two prior camps, and today sorta seemed the same way, but a bit closer. Quinn uses his mobility more effectively, and has a better pocket awareness. Tarvaris maybe has more capital with the team and coaching staff, but at this point I would be surprised if Quinn doesn't look like the superior game manager during preseason games.

I should add that from the perspective on the sidelines without replay, it is essentially impossible to tell if an incompletion is a poor read, throw away, or poor accuracy, and both Quinn and Tarvaris have plenty of incompletions.


Lynch looks really good. Duh.

Didn't see Turbin, Ware, or Mike Rob out there today.

Coleman was getting a lot of work, and looked very good, seeming to hit the right holes, and showing consistent hands on the few screens and checkdowns - his open field running was not eyepopping and he didn't seem elusive, but he found the space and got his yardage, and looks like a player that would fall forward when tackled (always like those extra 1-2 yards).

Michael looked crazy explosive, but he did have a fumble when someone popped the ball out from behind, leading to a long recovery/return by the defense.


Rice had a helmet on today (on the field Friday, but without helmet) and participated in no defender drills but didn't participate in contact. In a little long toss, Rice threw the ball from the 40 yard line to the opposite endzone, 55-60 yards in the air, tight spiral.

Tate had a scary fall away from the ball during 11 on 11, and they were performing maneuvers specific to a labral injury after he limped back. He was back on the field later without a limp.

Baldwin shone today, and he might have taken the Harvin signing as a challenge to be better than Harvin - Baldwin has a second gear that we saw his rookie season against the Giants, but I forgot about that gear last season as he battled through injuries in camp, preseason, and the entire season - my friend said after one catch and about a 25 yard gain "is he still accelerating?" and it looked like he was; he might have three gears.

Kearse was a YAC monster, and has been Mr. Reliable in the practices I've watched. I'd guess he is better than Tate with open field in front of him, while Tate is clearly a monster in traffic. I know y'all don't believe me, and Tate is likely "holding back until it matters", but it's not unreasonable to think Kearse will give Tate a run for his money by season's end. I think he is better at getting open than Tate.

Williams wasn't participating in 11 on 11 drills, but he and Rice were playing a bit of long toss, and Rice threw him about a 35 yard pass that Williams caught one handed in the most incredible way - he basically put his hand up like he was gonna stiffarm the incoming ball, and just palmed it when it hit his hand. Seriously, Fitzgerald/Jerry Rice/Reggie Wayne type stuff. This is the deep threat for who(m?) we've been waiting. He can also throw the ball with a nice spiral. Williams makes me totally not miss Lockette.

Harper had a reception on the far side of the field, but I wasn't paying much attention.
Bates, Swain, Walters, and the rest of the crowd didn't really stand out.


Didn't pay attention to blocking from my angle - too hard to see.
Showed some 3TE sets with McGrath, Willson, and Helfet, and it really threw the defense for a loop when lining up.
Helfet had another catch across the middle, but didn't flash. McGrath had a catch and a drop, didn't shine.

Willson took a good pop from Wright, even though Wright was pulling up; couldn't tell if he held onto the ball but I didn't see it bounding away - like a guy who takes the hit but makes the catch. My guess is that Willson is going to be stellar when he isn't having to spend all of his energy remembering what he's supposed to do. Second half of the season will be the place to really evaluate LL Will's son

McGrath is a big body. I have not seen him long snapping in three camp sessions.


Very hard to evaluate interior line play, or any line play really, from where we were sitting during red zone drills, but OL and DL were doing work in 1 on 1 pass rush/blocking drills in front of us.

Carpenter looks like a different size of human being, even next to Breno and Okung. He's like, 4XL, and it looks like good weight - his upper arms are bigger than most of the LBs legs.

Okung can dance.

Moffitt was continually beat in one on one drills - lots of people have said he's at risk of losing his job, and I've defended him based on potential from draft position, injury recovery, and rookie contract, but I'm starting to believe there is more than a 50/50 chance he is cut; maybe he is nursing some small injury, maybe he is one of those players that works better as a cog in the machine than in one on one matchups.

That said, Sweezy was getting overpowered a bit in one on one drills as well. McQuistan is above average at everything, and just never stops fighting - I was convincing myself he would be a cap casualty yesterday, but after today, I like him to make the team.

Hard to come to much conclusion about the rest of the OL players based on what I saw.


Howard will make the team. Does everyone remember something about him having a first step? In one on one drills, he was faster than any (healthy) interior lineman we've had for a few years, really exploding at the snap - and he looks big.

Hill is similarly explosive. With good coverage, his persistence, speed, and spin move will earn him playing time and sacks from the interior. Can't assess jacobstevens concerns about run defense and holding up against double teams as I just haven't seen those situations in camp.

Williams is a big boy, but still looks small compared to Carpenter. Williams had a nice explosive play Friday splitting a double team and breaking up a pass play during the mock game. Nondescript 1on1 performance today.

Red Bryant, on only two 1 on 1 drills, looked surprisingly quick, it's funny how a down year can bias our mindset so much about a player. If Red plays the season with the speed and power I saw today, no one will be talking about him be a cap casualty - they'll be talking about how he would get all pro consideration if he played DT.

Didn't catch much action from the remainder.

Irvin did not participate today, but was working only with the DL group on Friday. Clemons was on the field Friday and today, but without pads or helmet and didn't participate in drills. In three days, I haven't been able to find Avril on the field. Boatwright's shoulder is in a sling


Wright has perceptibly quicker feet than any other LB on the footwork drills. He is taller than all the other LBs. What a friggin steal. Everyone should note: 4th round pick. Wright introduced Willson to the NFL, legion of boom style

Rest of the LB group: slower feet than Wright, and shorter.

Wagner - no show?

Bradford played MLB, and had the second quickest feet in LB drills.

Farwell played a bit of MLB on the second team, and had a great pass defense on what would have otherwise been a TD.


Legion of Boom in the house. 'nuff said.

Thurmond was taking first team nickel snaps today, after a mix of Winfield and Thurmond on Friday. Thurmond looks like the real deal. Can't wait to see those two in presaseaon games.


Long snapper, McGrath is not working out there for the last three days. Looks like the competition is between Gresham and Nelson. My guess is that special teams are too important for PC to try to save a roster spot by employing a two position player. Of course that doesn't mean we won't try to save a bit of money at the spot. My guess is McGrath has a slight advantange in TE competition because of emergency long snapper, but no dual duty.

Kicker/punter - meh


I've seen Tate, Lane, Michael, Blackmon, and Thurmond receiving kicks/punts (edit: also Ashford). ET was back for one punt, but moved away from the catch at the last minute. There is no actual return going on - the returner just runs up the middle of the field and no one on the coverage unit comes within 5 yards.

I'll go again on Tuesday, but probably pass on detailed notes for the whole team.

Go Hawks.

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