O/T: Preseason Quizification: San Diego Edition


Hey, Field Gulls. Remember me? The Cheese? I was that guy that did those pitiful attempts at movie trivia at the beginning of the off season. Yeah man, I know, I'm back again with my trickeration and my vaguely specific clues. Well sort of, but this time it's football related! Well kinda, sorta. From both the comments and lack of recs, I could tell that I was clearly not quizzing at a NFL level. So I took it upon myself to improve my training regiment and make some adjustments to my overall approach, as any competitor would. Everything was going well but I wasn't getting any results.

So, I talked to my friend who is a bridge troll in Australia and he told me to find someone who will teach me the ways of trivia. I asked him to but he declined, he said he had tickets to a cricket match or something. So, I dialed up my buddy in Fairbanks, who sells baggies of oregano to stoners then calls the cops on them, to ask him if he knew any gurus in Alaska. He told me about this guy who lived in the woods, his old high school history teacher. That was close enough for me. I got on a train and headed out to Denali National Park. There were some bears and sheep and shit, even bear and sheep shit. But I digress, I walked for three days and 4 "nights" (it's Alaska night is relative during the summer) until I found a massive cavern in the side of a hill.

The ex-public school employee was sitting on a sheep skin covered rock, playing Pokemon Gold on an old school Gameboy. Before I could speak the guy said "Hold on bub, let me beat this bitch Whitney." I was thinking in the back of my mind: "If he's been out here since 2000, how the hell is he just now getting to Goldenrod?" After a few minutes of "fucking rollout!" and "cuntass Miltank" he finally set down his brick and asked the purpose of my quest. I told him I wanted to be a quiz master like the Riddler, that Sphinx in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, or Nicholas Cage. The man told me he could not help but was really, super sorry.

The former teacher's lack of advice angered me, he was supposed to be my guru after all. I was frustrated the entire train ride home. The first thing I did when I got back to Anchorage was go to the liquor store and buy some fine spirits. I got really drunk and had an idea: make the quizzes true/false and make it about the Seahawks' opponents cities, Seahawks' opponents team names, and pop culture stuff involving said cities/team names. Genius!

Here's the rules: No trivia from non-football sports, anything from history or pop culture of the city and surrounding area is kosher, if anything is false about the statement it is false, and the only options are true or false. Sounds simple, right? The answers will be in .gif form. Click on "Question #1" for the answer to question one ans so on. I think I'm making this a bit to easy. Each week there will be twelve questions, try to get as many right as possible. I am going to do this for the four preseason games. If there is an overwhelmingly positive response then I will continue this into the season and beyond. Good Luck!

This Week is San Diego and their Chargers!

Question #1

San Diego actually means "a whale's vagina" in German

Question # 2

A charger, for which the team is named, is a cavalry horse primarily used in the 19th Century west

Question # 3

San Diego is not mentioned in the 1995 hit "California Love" by 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman

Question # 4

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego only trains male marines

Question # 5

San Diego is farther west than Los Angeles and Reno, Nevada

Question # 6

In 1542, Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo claimed the area that is now San Diego for Spain, making San Diego the oldest European settlement in California

Question # 7

It costs one adult $106 for seven consecutive visits to Sea World San Diego

Question # 8

San Diego has only hosted one "Worlds Fair," the Panama-California Exposition

Question # 9

San Diego is host to the largest fleet of ships in the United States and the world

Question # 10

The hit show NTSF:SD:SUV:: is actually filmed in San Diego

Question # 11

In 1846, the Battle of San Pasqual took place in what is now part of San Diego

Question # 12

Nearby MCAS Miramar was the setting for the movie Top Gun, back when it was a Naval Air Station

Sorry for all the military trivia, but it's San Diego. I can only work with what they give me. Hopefully you enjoyed this. If you want to see more of this shit, recs in effects y'all. Let me know how you did and any constructive criticism you can muster.

As always, GO HAWKS!!!

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