Knowing When to Let Go.

We all know how good PC/JS are at acquiring talent. The 2013 roster should have four players on it that were acquired before they took over. This infusion of new talent has taken the Seahawks from being a joke to a team that seems built to contend for years. In this post I would like to focus on the players that left or were let go. There are 28 players who have played in a regular season game for the Seahawks since 2010 on NFL rosters today. I’d like to take a look at where those players are today.

Matt Hasselbeck: Hasselbeck is probably the greatest QB in Seahawks history, but by the time Carroll and Schneider got here in 2010 his best days were behind him. He hung on in 2010 and played spectacularly in the teams two playoff games. After the season he moved onto Tennessee to mentor Jake Locker. He started 21 games in two years for the Titans and was better there than he had been at the end of Seattle tenure. He was cut in March and signed with the Colts. The Colts are hoping he can be a good mentor to Andrew Luck.

Charlie Whitehurst: Trading a third round pick for Clipboard Jesus is considered by many to be the worst move that this front office has made. Hyped as the future franchise QB, Whitehurst failed to live up to expectations and only started 4 games in his two years here. The Seahawks had no interest in bringing him back in 2012 and so he went back to San Diego to the familiar role of being Phillip Rivers backup.

Matt Flynn: Flynn was another QB who was supposed to be the answer at QB for the Seahawks. Flynnsanity was officially on in the Emerald City with many fans buying his jersey. However, Flynn had the misfortune of being a challenger to Russell "Hustle Bustle Man Muscle" Wilson. Wilson usurped the starting job that many assumed belonged to Flynn. He appeared in three games attempting all of nine passes. Flynn will always be remembered for his clutch coin toss call against the Bears in week 13. After the 2012 season the Seahawks traded him to the Raiders for a few picks. Flynn is the presumed starter in Oakland this year.

Justin Forsett: Forsett was a 7th round pick in 2008. Defying the odds he actually became a productive player here in Seattle as a complimentary runner. Marshawn Lynch's breakout and Leon Washington's return skills left J-Force as the odd man out after the 2011 season and so he sought out greener pastures. He became Arian Foster's backup last year and was part of one of last year’s most controversial plays. In 2013 he looks to be the primary backup to Maurice Jones-Drew on the Jaguars.

Leon Washington: A great addition by PC/JS during the 2010 draft. Leon quickly proved he was worth the fifth round pick that the Seahawks sent to the Jets by returning two kicks for TD's in a week three win over the Chargers. Leon would make his case as one of the greatest return men the NFL had ever seen in his Seahawks tenure. The Seahawks parted with Leon when they acquired the dynamic Percy Harvin. Washington wasn't a free agent long as he was picked up by the Patriots to be their return man two days after being cut.

Deon Butler: Butler was a 2009 4th round pick who was hailed as the next Bobby Engram. He was a decent receiver in his time in Seattle. He is probably best remembered for breaking his leg on a touchdown catch against the 49ers in 2010. He never regained his form and was cut after the 2012 preseason. He was brought back by the team in December and played during some of the teams blowout wins. In April Butler signed with the Chargers where he is fighting to make the roster.

Ben Obomanu: Obo was a 2006 7th round draft pick. Considering where he was taken the fact that he was able to hang around for six years is pretty impressive. Obomanu topped 400 yards twice in his Seahawks career, but he made the roster because of his skill as a special teamer. This offseason he was cut by the team, but found a home with the New York Jets who are run by former Seahawks exec John Idzik. He will have to fight for a roster spot, something that he is very familiar with.

Braylon Edwards: Edwards was signed to provide depth at receiver during the 2012 offseason. He was a capable fifth receiver last year totaling eight catches, 74 yards, and one truly crazy touchdown in his 10 games as a Seahawk. After being waived in mid-December he rejoined the Jets. He will play this year with the Jets reuniting with his buddy Mark Sanchez.

Ricardo Lockette: Lockette was signed by the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent by the team in 2011. He saw action in the last two games of that season. He had two receptions here for 105 yards and a TD. A star guest on the Real Rob Report many fans were upset when the athletic receiver was released at the end of the 2012 preseason. He joined the 49ers and is douching it up with Colin Kaepernick. If you ever feel nostalgic about the conversations we used to have about his potential you can check out any thread about receivers on NinersNation.

Charly Martin: Charly Martin was signed by the Hawks during the 2012 offseason. Most assumed that he was just a camp body. However, due to injuries to a few wide outs Martin was able to make the team out of camp. He didn't do much and was on the practice squad from November on. This offseason he was released and signed with the 49ers. Martin may be able to squeeze onto the roster due to the lack of depth the 49ers have at receiver.

Kris Durham: Durham was a 4th round pick in 2010. He was drafted to fill the big bodied receiver role that Pete loves so much. At 6'6'' 215 lbs. he certainly fit the profile that the Seahawks were looking for. Things didn't work out for Durham in Seattle and he was cut at the end of the 2012 preseason. He was picked up by the Lions and spent most of the year on their practice squad. He is still a Lion and is hoping that his rapport with former roommate Matt Stafford helps him gain a spot on the roster.

John Carlson: Carlson was a 2nd round pick in 2008. He went on to have a great first three years in a Seahawks uniform. He was so good here that he was voted the tight end on the Seahawks 35th anniversary team. Injuries derailed his Seattle career, but he was still able to get a five year 25 million dollar deal from the Vikings. He was their backup tight end last year and will most likely continue in that role going forward.

Mike Gibson: Gibson was part of the patchwork line that PC/JS put together their first year in Seattle. He played in 20 games as a Seahawk, starting eight of those. Gibson was the right guard on the famous "BeastQuake" run. He is currently trying to earn a spot on the Cardinals offensive line.

Paul Fanaika: Fanaika was drafted by the Eagles in the 7th round of the 2009 draft. He kicked around teams practice squads until the Seahawks signed him in 2010. He saw his only NFL game action in 2011 when he played three games for the team. He is currently on the Cardinals roster attempting to make their 53 man roster.

Tyler Polumbus: Polumbus was acquired by the Seahawks shortly before the 2010 season began. He started 7 games for that team and was the left tackle during the "BeastQuake" run. He was the Seahawks main backup tackle during 2010 and the beginning of 2011. He was waived in October 2011 and was picked up by the Redskins. He started 15 games for the Redskins in 2012. He isn't well liked by the fan base, but it appears he will be the starting right tackle for the 2013 Skins.

Allen Barbre: Barbre was a 4th round draft pick by the Packers in 2007. John Schneider must have seen something he liked from the lineman because he was signed by the Seahawks in 2010. He was cut after failing a test for performance enhancing drugs. He was picked up by the Eagles and should be able to make their roster as a backup guard.

Chris Spencer: The first pick of the Ruskell era, drafted to replace Robbie Tobeck, Spencer would play six productive seasons in Seattle. He started at center for years and was the starting center on three Seahawks playoff teams. His last season with the team was 2010. After the 2010 season he joined the Bears. He played in 27 games in two years before moving on to the Titans. Spencer is attempting to join the team as a backup guard.

Jay Richardson: Richardson played seven games as a Seahawk in 2010. Apparently he got playing time during the playoff run. The Seahawks let him leave after the season. Today he is trying to make the Saints as a backup defensive tackle.

Alan Branch: Branch was a bust during his four years in Arizona. He failed to live up to his first round status and frustrated Cards fans. When he signed a two year deal with the Seahawks in 2011 most Cardinals fans warned us that we had signed a bust. After starting only three games as a Cardinal he started 31 as a Seahawk. A valuable part of the Hawks defensive line rotation the team was forced to let him go this offseason. He signed with the Bills and should team with Kyle Williams and Mario Williams to anchor Buffalo's d-line.

Hebron Fangupo: Blink and you might have missed this BYU product's seven snaps as a Seahawk. He got a few plays during the Hawks dismantling of the 49ers in week 16. He is trying to make the Steelers roster as a rotational nose tackle.

Jason Jones: Jones was signed by the team after four good seasons with the Titans. He was supposed to provide the interior pass rush that the Seahawks lacked in 2011. He was good in the 12 games that he was able to play in. In March he signed a three year deal with the Lions. He will again be asked to bolster the pass rush.

Al Woods: Woods was a 4th round draft pick of the Saints in 2010 he failed to make their roster. He played most of 2010 with the Buccaneers. After the Bucs cut him before the 2011 season the Seahawks picked him up. He appeared in two games for the team before being let go. As we enter the 2013 season he is trying to make the Steelers as a defensive end.

Pep Levingston: A 7th round pick of the Seahawks in 2011, he was supposed to provide depth for Red Bryant. After being cut by the Seahawks he joined the Bucs whom he played three games for. He is trying to make the make Tampa's roster again as a backup d-lineman.

David Hawthorne: Heater was a valued member of the Seahawks for four years before he was allowed to walk in free agency. An undrafted free agent out of TCU he was signed by the team in 2008. He would go on to start 41 games at both outside and inside linebacker for the Hawks in his four years here. PC/JS decided that they would rather roll the dice on a rookie in 2012 and let Heater go to the Saints. Although he was injured for part of the year he was still a good player in 2012 and should be even better in 2013.

Will Herring: Herring was a backup linebacker and star special teamer for the Seahawks from 2007 to 2010. He left after the 2011 season to join the Saints. He continued to be an ace on special teams and should make their 2013 roster as a backup linebacker.

Aaron Curry: Fearless Frog's all-time favorite Seahawk is currently a member of the Giants. He was the number four pick in the 2009 draft and was said to be the safest pick in the draft. He never quite panned out in Seattle as his immense physical gifts didn't translate to production on the field. The Seahawks traded him partway through the 2011 season to the Raiders. The Raiders held onto him for most of 2012 before cutting him. At this point Curry is fighting for his last chance to be an NFL player with the Giants.

Marcus Trufant: Trufant was a 1st round pick in 2003. He was a local boy who made good. After graduating from Wilson High he went to WSU and then joined the Hawks. He played here for ten years and was the best DB here for most of that time. After the 2012 season it was clear he had no part on a Super Bowl contender. He went to Jacksonville to reunite with Gus Bradley. The Jaguars are counting on Trufant to mentor the young DB talent on the team.

Phillip Adams: The Seahawks signed the former 49ers 7th round pick in 2011. He was signed by the team in December 2011 and played only one game as a Hawk. After being cut by the Hawks he joined the Raiders and played in 15 games for them. He should be a contributor to their secondary in 2013.

There aren’t many players on this list that would help the Seahawks out in 2013. Sure it would be nice to have Alan Branch, Jason Jones, and Leon Washington, but those players are being replaced by younger and cheaper alternatives. With the Seahawks talent level rising there will be more names added to this list in the coming years. It seems obvious, but the key to staying on top of the NFL heap is to continue to do what the Seahawks are doing. That is to know which players you can afford to lose and draft the talent to replace them. So far they have been successful in this regard. If they want to be perennial contenders they need to continue this trend.

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