Five Unrelatedy Snapshots from Monday's Practice

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing these five observations have in common is the Seahawks uniform. And awesomeness. I'd charged myself with spending many personal eyeball units on the OL, but then stuff happens, and your assignment morphs. So, five pretty unrelated thoughts from Monday:

1. Receivers look different in training camp than in Week 17.

Sidney and Golden and Dougie were spry, active, sharp, quick -- all the good adjectives. They had a spring in their step that I didn't see the last time they took the field for real. Those three guys are in great health and without Harvin early on (or at all), it'd be nice to see them remain explosive by somehow avoiding dings in the first half of the season. Seeing them cut and leap today made me realize how not-one-hundred-percent they were in January.

2. Russell Wilson is human, but also not.

He dropped at least two snaps today, leading to broken plays. Even eliciting muted groans from the distressed crowd! I will place all the blame directly on the center, especially the backup center, but a fully superhuman being would have palmed those subpar flips and magically turned them into touchdowns, not scrambles.

Counterpoint: In sideline receiver drills on the far field, I stared as Wilson put 20 of 20 throws in the receiver's hands, neck high, outside shoulder if it suited the pattern, in stride, every time, with minute changes installed on each throw to match the receiver's pace and build.

Russell's accuracy is something to behold. It's not going to get better. It already is better than better.

3. James Carpenter is big.

I'm 6-4. Next to McQuistan I feel short-ish; next to Okung I feel small, next to Moffitt I feel jealous of his horrible, yet strangely awesome hair"style".

But standing beside Carpenter, I feel like another species of human. And not the dominant kind. The man is just plain big. He's a load, a truck, a bus. He's a stainless steel refrigerator, or two. I've decided the Hawks drafted him in the first round this year and are just going to pick up Percy Harvin at midseason in exchange for a third-rounder.



Photo caption: Their better side.

4. John Moffitt is crafty.

Sweezy has the body, Unger and Okung have the chops, but Moffitt is one sneaky dude. Of course, he has to be, given his lack of size. Relative lack of size. I watched him hold off some bad-minded defensive villains with footwork and anticipation. It's obviously up in the air as to whether or not he'll make the team. But today it was nice to see, up close, how he managed to get this far already.

5. Speaking of defensive villains, Sherman and Browner are like brothers, based on body language.

The good kind of brothers, too, where sibling rivalry stems from respect and care, not from envy or bitterness. I'm really not a nonverbal interpretation guru. But in one-on-one DB drills, those two matched up against each other for a while, and they were competing -- hard. They exchanged playful slaps in between "confrontations," and then when the ball was in the air, it was all business. Afterward, as they jogged over to wait their turn again, it was back to smiles you could see through their helmets.

Looks like Monday's practice was well attended and well covered here. Thanks for reading, and here's hoping the Gullbux Gridiron Bank is still open for business.

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