The Way-Too-Early-Draft-Projections-List for the 'Hawks Next Year.

Its that time of year again. Preseason is over. We now have our 53-man roster. Excitement for the season is building. After an entire off season, one would think I could wait one more week. Yet, with the beginning of college football this week, it feels as if the 'Hawks opener with Cam Newton and the Panthers is still looming miles away in the distance. Last Tuesday, I decided to splurge and buy Madden 25, in hopes of satisfying my growing addiction to adderall everything Seattle Seahawks. My three roommates and I began a franchise together (and I made sure we started it BEFORE the rosters update to Michael Robinson being a *sniff* free agent) and I'm watching them play their games as I speak.

All that is to say, I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START and I have to do something to occupy my mind. I've decided to start my scouting of next year's class and make a prediction for Pete Carroll and John Schneider's picks in the 2014 draft. In reality, its more of an early wishlist from a fan's perspective, as we all know those two will never pick the players I do. I don't really plan on scouting too much in depth, just some initial impressions of players and what needs I project the Seahawks will need at that time next year. As a final note, I am assuming we will pick 32nd in the next draft, take that how you want. Now, enough of my idle chatter, so without further ado --Seattle Seahawks, you are now on the clock:

Round 1: Jordan Matthews- WR- Vanderbilt

Alright, I'll admit, Matthews is my current college football man-crush. I mean just look at that game against Ole Miss Thursday night. He gets nailed by two defenders while hanging on to a first down catch across the middle. Played another play, then knelt down and thew up. Two (or maybe three, feel free to call me out on specifics) plays later, he brings in a sideline catch on a 4th-and-18. This guy is an absolute complete package. He reminds me of Sidney Rice, but with a more solid build. At 6'3", his catch radius is huge, and he seems very adept at both sideline catches toe taps and taking shots across the middle. I also saw him turn a screen pass into a 40-ish yard sprint for a touchdown, showing that he has underrated speed too. The guy got 1300 yards against mostly SEC defenses all last season. As of right now has him listed as the 4th best receiver in the class, but if he plays like he did in the Ole Miss game Thursday, that could change, and he'll get picked before the 'Hawks have a chance. I feel like Sidney Rice will be traded or cut by the time the draft rolls along, Harvin is healthy, and Tate gets a shiny new contract. Leaving us with a bunch of sub- 6 footers. Matthews would be a perfect replacement (and even upgrade maybe) for Rice, while freeing up Harvin and Tate to do what they do best. If you have any doubts about Matthews hands, check out the 1:18 mark in this clip:

Lastly, he's related to Jerry Rice. Reason enough on its own.

Round 2: Ju'Wuan James- OT- Tennessee

I'm not a fan of Breno Giacomini. He'll be serviceable for one more year, but I'm ready for an upgrade. James is a severely underrated RT in my opinion. He's been in the shadow of the Volunteer's left tackle "Tiny" Richardson for a while, and doesn't get the attention he deserves. At 6-6, 324, he is one big boy, yet he doesn't play like it. To me, James looks to be more of a finesse and technique player than a mauler. He has quick feet and uses his long arms very well, often putting pretty nasty looking punches in the chests of rushing D-lineman. I saw two very impressive blocks in the Georgia game last year: One was on a play when Jarvis Jones tried to speed rush around him to the outside. James beat him to the outside, then when Jones tried to cut back in, he found James already there waiting for him. The other was on a play when he stumbled in his pass drop, and Georgia's #8 got a step on him towards the QB. James threw out what looked like a stiff arm and knocked the DE off track with a single arm thrust. While he looks almost flawless in pass blocking, he is a bit upright and doesn't drop his pads well when run-blocking. But hey, 324 pounds is a LOT of mass when one's pushing some puny DE's back to the second level.

Round 3: Percy Harvin

Have fun with our pick, Vikings. Harvin will be spending his time terrorizing defenses while you try to develop some 3rd rounder.

Round 4: Isaiah Lewis- SS- Michigan State

Our depth behind Earl and Kam worries me. Maragos and Johnson are alright, but could be easily upgraded. I wanted a safety in this spot, but didn't already have a player in mind like the first two I've talked about. I don't know a whole lot about this guy, but from the few videos I've watched he seems like a perfect guy for Carroll. He's got a whole lot of energy, and just seems to be having fun as he plays. He LOVES hitting, and seems to have very good body control for jump balls, effectively posting up on receivers quite often. He's got good size at 5'10" 210, and while I don't have any info on his other measureables, he plays fast enough for me. Here's a nice highlight video for you:

Round 5 (Matt Flynn trade) - Jace Amaro- TE- Texas Tech.

Another guy I had never heard of until I started this, but after watching some highlights, I got one word for ya: SPEED. 260 pounds should not be the that fast and agile. His game really reminds me of Aaron Hernandez (without the murders). Even saw one play where he straight up broke a defensive back's ankles. His hands seem soft and reliable the best I can tell. Being at Texas Tech, I assume he was not asked to block very much, so he's likely raw there. looks like a good candidate for one of Schneider and Carroll's legendary 5th rounders.

Round 5: Keith Price- QB- Washington

Two years ago, I was more excited for this guy's future than anyone in college football. Then he had a heck of a drop-off last year (maybe because Jermaine Kearse was gone?). He reminds me a lot of Tahj Boyd from Clemson: A little on the short side, but well built, fairly mobile, strong arm, but most noted for his leadership and accuracy. In fact, I read a little tidbit that rumors around Husky camp back when Jake Locker was a starter, was that backup Keith Price was a much more accurate QB. After his disappointing 2012 outing, his draft stock really dropped, but I really like his leadership. He also has beautiful touch on deep balls, even while rolling out both left and right. Price also runs a pure pro-style offense, so his game should translate fairly seamlessly to the pros. He had a pretty bad season last year, but man he looked good in 2011, and I've been biased towards him ever since.

Round 6: Beau Allen-DT-Wisconsin

I'm worried about Seattle's depth in the center of the defensive line. I thought getting Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill would help, (Especially Williams, as any of you who recognize me from comments on posts this season, I was really high on him) but neither have seemed to make a decent impression. So, I went to the boards looking for a DT. I wanted one earlier than round 6, but none of the ones I looked out stood out enough for where they are expected to be drafted. Allen, however, caught my eye. For one, he plays for Wisconsin, who has a track record for putting out some pretty consistently good players in the pros, especially in the trenches. Allen is 6'3" 328, so he's a big, strong guy. He's a high energy player who's switching from a 4-3 to the Nose Tackle in a 3-4 scheme this upcoming season, and sounds genuinely excited about two-gapping and fighting double-teams, rather than attacking the single gap (which leads to better individual stats). I like his tenacity and if the 3-4 switch this year works out, he'll bring that much valued versatility to the defensive line. Plus, he's famous for a sense of humor and is a 3 time academic All-American.

Round 7: Trey Burton- WR/TE/FB/QB- Florida

Versatility, versatility, versatility. Burton is technically listed as a WR in most places, but he lines up pretty much everywhere. He's fast, strong, agile, and is just a playmaker. He's even taken snaps as a wildcat QB (although that role wasn't as common last year with Driskell entrenched as a decent starter after all those years of turmoil without Tebow). He's a perfect joker tight end/ h-back, and would work wonders in a two back running option plays out of the pistol. He's a very similar player to the Florida joker TE that got drafted this year, Jordan Reed. My biggest knock on him is he tends to disappear for large stretches, sometimes even games at a time. But his size, athleticism and versatility are intriguing, and just what Petey seems to like.

That about wraps it up. For anyone that managed to read all the way through this post, I hope you enjoyed it! I've been a part of Field Gulls since around the end of last season, but this is my first attempt at a post. I don't really know how to make GIF's yet, but I'll eventually graduate to those. Anyway, let me know what you think about our next draft in the comments!

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