12th Man Attempting to Break the World Record for Loudest Crowd Roar.

Back in July, it was announced that Volume 12 is attempting to go after the world record for this week's game against the 49ers. The record stands at 131.76 decibels.

This is really an opportunity to do something special. We, the 12th Man are the same ones who lead the league in false starts, most famously for forcing the Giants into nine false starts in 2005, and we are the same ones who caused a seismic event, in what will forever be known in history as Beast Quake.

Better yet, not only is the game the Seahawks' home opener, the game is in prime time and the whole country will be eagerly watching the showdown. Against what is considered one of the best teams in the NFL, in what many are considering could a NFC Conference Championship game preview, what better opportunity is there for the 12th man to make a statement about just how loud we are?

Further, it can be done. In 1992, Huskies fans recorded the loudest decibel readings ever in College football history, of 133.6 decibels. When Paul Allen chose James Poulson to design the new Seahawks stadium, he wanted replicate the feeling of attending a Huskies game, so the design of Husky stadium, with its hard surfaces and partial roofing, were incorporated into the design of the new stadium, both of which are big factors in sound being reflected back towards the field.

That, and unofficial decibel readings by Fox in the 2005 NFC Championship game recorded Seahawks fans at 137 decibels.

It is not unreasonable to think it can't be done, even if the official Seahawks' record is 112 decibels.

Having said that, this is more than that. A lot is at stake besides just a world record and bragging rights. In a year where a tight playoff race is expected in a deep NFC conference, especially with a division rival who are also Super Bowl contenders, playoff seedings and a possible NFC West division title are at stake, even in Week Two. A loss this week against could be the difference between a possible bye week in the playoffs and a wildcard berth. Every game counts and there are only sixteen of them. the 12th man is known for competing right along with the team on the field. Every opportunity you have to give the Seahawks the best home-field advantage possible in a game with a lot at stake is crucial.

The 49ers are a team that likes to do a lot of pre-snap movement and communication at the line of scrimmage, and if it's too loud for them to communicate, especially early, they will burn their timeouts and the defense can have the jump on them on any given snap. Remember, Colin Kaepernick called two timeouts in the first quarter last year.

The 12th man, as always, go to the game to be active participants, competing right along the field with the Seahawks. With one of the best defenses in the league, a strong rushing game, and one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, one in whom we fans can repose confidence in him to win Super Bowls, it seems a certain level of karmic synchronicity is culminating for a historic evening in what could be the best Seahawks season ever, and we'll have played a big role in that if it comes true.

If you are going, scream and shout the loudest you ever have in your life. Or if you know someone who is going, pass this along to them. Leave nothing in the bleacher seats. As Marshawn Lynch would say to us all, "Beast Mode is already inside of you." Unleash the beast in you.

That, and buy ear plugs. (EDIT: If you don't have them, worry not, because The Hearing, Speech, and Deafness Center will be on hand to provide you with ear plugs.)

EDIT #2: The 12th Man will only get three attempts, and will not be given a cue, so you have to be rockin' all game long. The first attempt will be on the 49ers' first possession. If you are attending the game, please arrive on time and ready to roll.

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