I know what's important Kenneth

I do.

After reading Kenneth's post "Don't forget what's important" I felt I have to reply. It ended up as a full size post so here goes –

Dear Kenneth,

It's been the 2nd time in so many weeks that I read your post and find it contradicting everything I believe in.

The first time was your trip to the land of the Thai people. Why on earth would someone visiting the land with the cheapest rates for quality hotels choose to haggle for a 20$ a night when for 40-60$ you can spend those few days in a palace. If you are poor – this is a rare opportunity to enjoy something you will not be able to afford elsewhere in the world. If you are not poor…I don't think I need to continue.

Now that we covered that aspect let's dive into the importance of today's game.

The young and restless will pick a cheap dump in the small area in Bangkok dedicated to broke backpack tourists rather then enjoy the great non expensive hotels located in mid Bangkok and spend the time afterwards fighting high fever etc.

The smart old dogs will spend a bit more and spend the time afterwards showing off to friends and foes alike.

Yes, you can get to the SB by winning 3 games on the road week after week. The Giants did it, the Steelers did it. That doesn't make it the easiest way to do it. When your home court is the Clink you should do EVERYTHING to play there in January.

The road to playing at home after a bye week to rest heal your wounds is to finish the season 12-4 or better.

The games we play this year are divided to 3 main categories (based on what we know from 2012)

Category 1If we lose any of those we don't deserve to be there.

Jacksonville @ Seahawks

Tennessee @ Seahawks

Tampa Bay @ Seahawks

Arizona @ Seahawks

St. Louis @ Seahawks

Seahawks @ Arizona

6-0 on those or start trimming the roster and prepare for 2014.

Category 2A 12-4 or better team should win most of those.

Seahawks at Carolina

Seahawks at Indianapolis (Somehow they don't feel like Category 3 to me)

Seahawks at St. Louis

Seahawks at Giants

Minnesota at Seahawks

New Orleans at Seahawks

San Francisco at Seahawks

6-1 would be right what the doctor ordered as long as we keep SF from winning both games.

Category 3Playing away against teams with a better record then us 2012 is not easy so it's the win some lose some category.

Seahawks at Houston

Seahawks at Atlanta

Seahawks at San Francisco.

1-2 here will do nicely.

All in all – 13-3 with one game to spare if we really must.

If you transfer the above to the 2013 schedule you end up with 4 major bench mark points for the season:

Bench point 1after week 2:

2-0 – Winning the hardest home game of the season and the easiest of the 5 10a.m. east coast games is a must to get on to a good start.

Bench point 2After week 5:

3-2 or better – After playing 3 games against teams with 11W or more in 2012, playing 3 of the 5 10a.m. away games – 3-2 is a must. 4-1 with one L in Houston would be perfect.

Bench point 3 After week 10:

2 more home games to win, 2 away against the Rams and Cards and the rematch in Atlanta – 7-3 is the bar, 8-2 would be very nice. (L in HOU and ATL)

Bench point 4After week 15:

Keeping our home record clean after Minnesota and New Orleans. Winning 1 of the 2 away games (SF and Giants) and we are at 9-3 or 8-4 with 2 home games to finish.

That's my master plan.

It wont work if we lose twice to SF and end up a wild card team so the game today is important. Very important. Very very very Important.

Of course, we can lie with fever from 100 mosquito bites, make the wild card as a 10-6 team, say goodbye to the Clink and fight the rest of the way in cold lands far far away. I'll get ready for it first thing Monday morning. Right now I am prepared for this important game that we will win and stay on track. Let the 9ers writers explain why their lose is not that important.

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