Week 3 Power Rankings According to the Comment Section

Otto Greule Jr

Most rankings are pieced together by some self-indulgent sports analyst. My power rankings are created by the fans. It's a simple process: I sort comments from each team into categories. Each category has a point value per comment. I tally up the points and voila, power rankings by you the fan. The number of points the team received is in ( ). The highest score possible is 100. The write up for each team is a synopsis of fan comments with only a tiny bit of editorializing from me (seriously). I'm actually really surprised how accurate I think this turned out. My list probably wouldn't have looked exactly like this, but it's not too bad.

32. Carolina Panthers (25)

Fire everybody and start over.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31)

Time to start planning for next year. Who will be the best QB in the draft? I hope they like ugly helmets. The Jags should consider putting their defense out on the field for the entire game. They'll probably score more points.

30. New York Giants (37)

You could pin this game on Eli for refusing to throw the ball to his own players, but what in the word is Kevin Gilbride doing?! The G-Men have no offensive line and yet they keep calling plays that require Eli to sit back and wait for players to get open. This is starting to look like an 8-8 team, if they're lucky. But even that might win the NFC East.

29. Detroit Lions (37)

The refs stole this game from the Lions. What a pathetic display of officiating. Watch the replay, how do you call Young for that? Is there still a lockout? Even with Akers missing every field goal he can and the coaching staff calling ineffective sweep play after ineffective sweep play, Detroit had this game but the refs took it away.

28. Washington Redskins (38)

What the hell was that? I'm beginning to think that RG3 should rest a little more on the bench and let Cousins have a go of it for a while. It's not like this team isn't going anywhere. Their defense is garbage. Their offense is garbage. Their coaches are garbage... but at least that makes them really good in garbage time.

27. Oakland Raiders (39)

Good news everyone! Tyrelle Pryor isn't terrible, but he isn't great either. It's only his 3rd start so things are probably looking up. He just needs to learn how to throw the ball into the general vicinity of his receivers. The Raiders definitely won't be the worst team this year but don't get your hopes up Oakland. You'll still be drafting high.

26. Minnesota Vikings (44)

Another week, another frustrating loss. Ponder continues to negate every positive play with an amazingly terrible play. The offense had the ball at the goal line with an opportunity to put the game out of reach and failed miserably. Chicago knew exactly what the Vikings were going to do and stopped them. Once the Vikings gave the ball back to Chicago with only a 6 point lead, was their any doubt the defense wouldn't find a way to blow it? Nope. The Vikings are too predictable.

25. San Francisco 49ers (44)

Pathetic. The offense couldn't run the ball and Kaepernick couldn't throw the ball worth a turd. It didn't help that Seattle's PED abusing defense holds on every play and the refs don't seem to care. The defense played really well. Aldon Smith is a monster of a man. The offense just couldn't get their shit together. This week the 49ers need to regroup, lick their wounds and they'll be fully armed and operational in no time.

24. Cleveland Browns (46)

Sigh... another good defensive performance only to be wasted by an offense that won't run Trent Richardson enough. Instead the coaches put the ball in Brandon Weeden's hands who then promptly throws the ball into the dirt. Doesn't matter anyway... none of the their receivers are particularly good at catching. That defense is good though. It's unfair and a little depressing.

23. Philadelphia Eagles (49)

If there is such thing as a good loss, this was it. After an amazing start to the season, Chip's unstoppable offense ran into a few hiccups and his defense decided not to show up. This lesson in humility will go a long way and help the Eagles improve. They are tied for first place in the NFC East, so things are looking up.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (50)

At least the offense showed improvement from last week. Still, any team with an OC and a QB that hate each other is going nowhere quick... but 9-7 isn't out of the question. The Steelers are just getting started this season. It's a sloooow start but once they get their parts moving in sync they'll be okay. Ben Roethlisberger will need to carry this team.

21. Dallas Cowboys (50)

The fix is in. The refs blew this game for sure and allowed KC to keep their clock killing drive going. Prior to that baloney, the Boys would've had this game won if they would just complete one little short pass. Jason Garrett needs to relinquish some control. He keeps drawing from the same well over and over. The water is drying up and defenses are catching on. It didn't help that Tony Romo was playing at half strength. Get that man on some heavier pain killers.

20. New York Jets (51)

The mood is surprisingly optimistic. Geno Smith is playing like an obvious rookie at times but has shown enough positive plays to soothe some angst... for now. One of their wide receivers needs to get cut just to send a message that they need to learn how to catch.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (52)

You have to give it up to the Bucs' defense. They fought their asses off for four quarters and it was almost enough. If they could just get Josh Freeman to wake up and play some football Tampa might be 2 - 0. Two lucky last second field goals are all that's holding Tampa back. Gregg Schiano needs to find his balls and finish games stronger.

18. Indianapolis Colts (52)

What a frustrating loss at home. They had every opportunity to take control of this game but squandered it away. The play calling definitely impacted this game, negatively. The offense was very uninspiring and never seemed to click. Despite the great start to the Andrew Luck era, the Colts might be in a two steps forward, one step back routine this year. Good teams don't lose at home to mediocre teams like the Dolphins.

17. Tennessee Titans (59)

Tough loss. Tough tough tough loss. They almost had this game and that would have been huge. They are still probably a year away from contending for the division, but it's refreshing to see such a young team fight so hard against a quality opponent, away from home no less. Jake Locker is making strides but needs more consistency. That 99 yard drive was CLUTCH though. The offensive coordinator needs to give Locker more freedom like he did on that drive. The rest of the day was too predictable and safe. Oh, and has anybody seen Kenny Britt? What happened to him?

16. New Orleans Saints (64)

The Saints are feeling pretty lucky to come out of that game with a win. Tampa's stout defense gave Drew Brees and the O-line fits all day. Tampa's hit squad of cheapshot artists tried to take Brees out of the game but it's going to take more scumbag football to get rid of him. Sean Payton seems to have lost a step or two but he'll right the ship. He just needs to stop giving the ball to Mark Ingram.

15. New England Patriots (65)

Not a great showing but it could have been worse. Their WR woes will improve as the year goes but on the other hand, Dobson is a piece of garbage who should be cut. One thing is clear, none of their offensive troubles are because of Tom Brady. The Pats' defense is looking good.

14. St. Louis Rams (66)

Despite a somewhat substantial loss to the Falcons, things are looking pretty good for the Rams. They showed a lot of determination to fight back into the game towards the end and Sam Bradford is looking better and better. Play calling has been pretty bad, but the Falcons were desperate for a win at home, so a loss wasn't too surprising. Things are looking up for the Rams this year for sure.

13. Baltimore Ravens (70)

It was pretty fugly, but a win's a win. Cleveland's defense is no cakewalk and the offense did enough. Joe Flacco missed a couple deep balls but he was probably thinking about babies. The defense is growing nicely and dominated a weak Browns defense. This will be a good stepping stone as they move towards better offensive teams. Hopefully Ray Rice's injury isn't too bad.

12. Arizona Cardinals (72)

A win's a win's a win. It wasn't pretty but it was a win. Sometimes the most important thing is a win. They all can't be pretty so it's good they got the win. Win's are wins and all that counts is the win. Honey Badger doesn't hold your ideals in high regard. He's just happy to have the win.

11. Chicago Bears (73)

Good God that was insane! Jay Cutler continues to show improvement and is, dare I say, becoming rather clutch. This game wasn't easy, but great teams find a way to win the tough ones. Matt Forte continues to prove his worth to this offense, but who needs offense when you have a defense who seems to score at will? The Bears keep improving and need to learn how to put away teams earlier in the game, but so far so good in Chi-Town.

10. San Diego Chargers (73)

Who here gave up on Philip Rivers? GTFO. Rivers is legit. Nobody is playing the QB position better than him right now. And I forget, who's leading the league in touchdown receptions? Umm... I believe that would be Eddie Royal. SD's defense is missing some key players and it's showing, hopefully the return of Manti Teo will reduce the hemorrhaging.

9. Atlanta Falcons (76)

The good news is that they beat the Rams. Was it perfect? No. But their young defense is really showing signs of improvement... but DeCoud really needs to starting getting his shit together and learn how to tackle. Getting juked by Sam Bradford is just plain embarrassing. Julio Jones is a monster and Matt Ryan continues to be clutch. They just need to learn how to keep the game out of reach once they get a big lead.

8. Buffalo Bills (78)

Pandemonium in Upstate New York! This feeling is so strange... so foreign... très français. EJ Manuel is still playing like a rookie for most of the game, but big time players make those plays. This are looking up for the big man. Mario Williams will probably receive a restraining order for the abuse he laid on the Panthers. God help the Jets next week.

7. Houston Texans (80)

For the second straight week the Texans tried desperately to give their (well documented) obese city a heart attack. WHEW! After that artery clearing performance is there any doubt that the Texans are proving their power? Losing Andre Johnson is tough... unless you have man-child DeAndre Hopkins. Can anybody stop him? Nope, just give him the Rookie of the Year award now. Does anybody know if he can also kick field goals?

6. Kansas City Chiefs (82)

Two and Poe baby!!! The KC defense is looking stout this year and the offense is doing just enough to take advantage. Alex Smith is looking better and better each game and the running game is going to be great. Forget playing for a wild card, these Chiefs are playing lights out and looking for home field advantage.

5. Miami Dolphins (83)

That was a hard-fought win against the Colts in Indy. Tannehill is becoming a force and shouldn't be ignored when talking about the new class of QBs in the league. The offensive line struggled and the defense gave up some big plays, but when the game was on the line the Fins made the plays they needed to make. That's what great teams do. The Patriots reign over the AFC East might be coming to an end.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (83)

What a win! Big time stuff went down Monday night on national television against a big time conference rival. The first half was a slugfest with both teams taking some nasty blows, but the Bengals made some big time halftime adjustments and never looked back. Andy Dalton had some pretty bad downs, but righted his course and ended on a big time up. The Bengal's defense is big time. This was a big time win. Bengals fans, you can expect to get used to this feeling. Now go play some GTA V. You deserve it.

3. Denver Broncos (84)

Despite the refs' determination to give this game to the Giants, the Broncos were unstoppable. Peyton Manning played lights out even though the refs refused to call a single penalty on New York's Defense who were holding constantly. Denver's defense played especially well and forced so many turnovers which makes up for all the missed holding calls and BS personal fouls. Once they get some key players back from injuries and the refs lose their vendetta, the Broncos could go undefeated.

2. Green Bay Packers (85)

Aaron Rodgers should start making space in his trophy case now. The hardware is coming soon. What an offensive performance the Pack had on Sunday, albeit against a rather offensive Washington team. The only small smudge on such a glorious display of power was the ability finish strong and not allow so many garbage points. But not every team is as classless as Seattle and San Francisco to keep punching on the gas pedal. The GBP is destined for greatness this year, despite the refs having it in for them.

1. Seattle Seahawks (94)

Russell Wilson didn't play his best game... but who the hell cares?! Marshawn went all beast mode and a little bit of beast stroll. And the defense? Words are useless after a performance like that. Bring on the GIFS! GIFS! GIFS! GIFS! Unfortunately, the sad truth remains that Seattle has zero Super Bowl trophies while San Franciso has five, so who is the real winner?

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