Ohhh Skippy....

A bad day at the office Skippy?

Don't worry about it. It happens to the best of us.

Some of my fellow 12s may have been less then cordial in their reactions to your views and opinions with regards to our beloved Seahawks and I would like to apologize on their behalf.

I even read that a certain Seahawks player may have expressed some doubts regarding your life time achievements but he is young and very impressionable and should not be blamed for it.

Following your courageous misinformed words with regards to a certain power ranking which you in your wisdom were brave enough to contradict I took the liberty to keep track of your views and predictions on a weekly basis.

I have to admit I didn't find the hatefull monster some fellow fans were referring to. They obviously do not see and appreciate the great work you are doing.

In a world full of knowledgeable sport analysts who take their work so seriously you are a shinning beacon of fun and humor. Being so used to those ex players or ex coaches debating sports in depth they failed to see you for the comic side act that you are.

My fellow 12s reacted poorly when you "disrespected" Coach Carroll as a showoff for picking RW to start. They reacted the same way when you objected and ridiculed the Seahawks lofty position on some power polls.

Once their mind was made up about you they reacted the same way to your prediction that Carolina will win on week 1 and that San Francisco will win in Seattle on week 2.

Some people are like that. Once their mind is made up they won't be confused by the facts.

I am taking this great day after trashing the 9ers to set those fans straight on your behalf.

Dear fellow 12s, open your eyes. Leave your preconceived notions aside and look at the facts and the story they tell you.

Skippy is not your enemy. He doesn't hate you or our beloved team. He is just a man working to make a living in a very competitive field. His lack of knowledge and understanding in football has clearly left him the role of the joker, the court jester if you like. It is his ridiculous views delivered with just the right amount of righteousness that makes him the hilarious side kick that he is. After all, my fellow 12s, you don't really believe that anyone in this field would seriously predict we lose both our starting games? (or call himself Skip Bayless when his is so full of adoration to a certain trashed Bay area team who shall remain nameless)

It is not fair to begrudge Skippy for his thankless job. I'm sure he has someone writing his "opinions" for him to be delivered in his trade mark fashion. After all, you can't be that wrong without knowing what's right. (Like - NE just lost 3 quaters of thier team, Brady goes nuts so Skippy is predicting they win the SB)

It is his unenviable task to be the dark background allowing the lighter objects ahead of him to shine brighter in contrast. He is the poor sod that everyone gets to laugh about or act being mad at. It makes for entertaining tv.

Just imagin his next prediction about Gus Bradley returning to the Clink to beat the pants off his former team after what everyone saw tonight. Can you envision the reactions such a ludicrous statement will bring? That's fun TV at its best.

It's unfair that such an entertainer (even if he lacks in knowledge or wits) is doomed to spend most of his days alone at home eating chicken and broccoli takeaway just because he doesn't happen to understand a lot about football.

It's time to burry the axe and accept Skippy for what he is. A performer, an entertainer, not an expert whose words should be taken seriously.

Carry on Skippy, you have made us laugh.

GO HAWKS…the dogs bark but the caravan continues.

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