A defining event

A defining event

It's been 36 hours since it started. I have seen every minute of it (from 3:30am till 8:00am my time). I've been reading almost every post, take, recap, analysis and commentary about it afterwards. It's time to speak out.

Everybody is so used to treating football in a certain way, write about it the same way, analyze it the same way that when something bigger then a football game happens it's hard for then to abandon their methodology and treat it differently. I am not bound but those limitation and seeing the bigger picture is what I do for a living. So, to start, let me tell you all the things that you should not write or say about the SF game –

It is about any of the following –

It's not about RW game(not inspiring) or Kaep's game(not bad considering….)

It's not about our Oline(hmmm…) or about the Beast(ohhh mama…)

It's not about our receivers(parcial hmmmm…) or TE's(I think we had some…)

It's not even about the Dline(ohhh yes!!!) the LBs(Yessss again) or our Secondary(wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

It's not about play calling, penalties, turnovers, sacks, special teams or anything that has anything to do with the actual details of playing football.

Let it go, all of it. RIGHT NOW.

I know it's not easy. I know it's what you always do. I know it's what you know how to do but none of it has to do with Sunday's event other then the fact that it took place during a football game.

Take a big breath, forget all those details and pay attention, this is what happened on Sunday.


San Francisco – The biggest rival facing us in our attempt to reach greatness is the formidable team from San Francisco playing in the same division we do. SF is the toughest, strongest, fastest and most physical in the league (present company excluded). They are the big bad boys, the bully everyone hates to face. A star studded roster full of 1st round picks, pro bowlers or all pros. They are the measuring bar for tough, punch you in the face, take no prisoners football teams.

Last year they arrived at the Clink after a big emotional win in NE. They had the division title pretty much wrapped up with a healthy cushion 3 weeks before the season ends. That game went all wrong for them and all right for us. Touchdown from their FG attempt is just a sample. Any attempt to link that game with Sunday's event is ridiculous. They had nothing in common other then who got the W at the end.

Sunday's event:

With all the hype building the Seahawks into a worthy challenger to SF and the angry reactions by the current NFC champions they flew into town aimed at showing everyone, especially the Seahawks who they are and what they are made of. That’s an angry proud and very physical team coming to teach the young wanna be some respect. They had the disrespect chip on thier sholder this time and they were not going to take it any more. That my friend Kenneth is what made this game so important.

This was not a football game. The football elements in it were (and i'm being gentle) – poor and ugly. This was a war of dominance between the reigning lion and the new challenger. 5 players were taken of the field injured. Epic personal battles took place on every position on the field as each team gave it all on every play.

They came and they played true to their word and attitude. They played hard and tough. They were everything we thought they are and they left nothing in their attempt to play like the most intimidating team in football.

As the game progressed the balance of power started to shift. A safety here, a field goal there and by half time we were ahead by a little on the scoreboard. Looking at the game and the expressions you could see that frustration was beginning to show as SF failed to impose their physical dominance.

It was clear that both teams will emerge to the 2nd half in a burst of energy. Each team knowing this battle has not been won yet. Blood has been drawn on both sides but this is far from over.

Jump ahead.

On the kick return Seattle challenged the ruling on the field. As the play was reviewed the camera swept across the SF sideline. No one was eagerly putting their helmets on and eager to get on the field. The game may have been beyond their grasp by then but that was not it. They didn't even want another last chance to save their honor. Those are proud men but their pride was not enough to keep on going. They were beat. There was no longer any fight in them. They wanted no part of it anymore.

The nation watched. The much hyped clash of the titans was over.

How dare you tarnish this defining event talking about yards and percentages, attempts and completions.

The king is dead. Long live the new king.

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