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Great Link from Gang Green Nation with video:

Took some time off from this section just to refresh, it actually does become hard work researching some of these prospects. However they should be back, and on a regular schedule again now, so I though a perfect place to start was with a guy who is probably a little better than people give him credit for. That being D'Anthony Smith, a 6-2, 304lb defensive tackle out of Louisiana Tech.

As far as I can see there are no character concerns with Smith, however there was one big red flag for me which makes me think twice about even looking at the guy. I read numerous times, they he doesn't play with much 'intensity', may lack 'motivation', and doesn't play with any 'aggression'. There are numerous ways to look at this, but after Vernon, those three key words would be enough to make me pass. However he possesses a lot of talent, and he is a guy that is worthy of a good look.

Career Stats

2006- 13 games played, 38 tackles, 3.5 tackles for a loss, 0.5 sacks

2007- 11 games played, 43 tackles, 6.5 tackles for a loss, 3.5 sacks

2008- 13 games played, 65 tackles, 8.0 tackles for a loss, 5.0 sacks

2009- 12 games played, 51 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss, 3.5 sacks

Named first team all WAC in 2008 and 2009.

So what does Anthony Smith do well?

Smith is a very athletic player who uses his hands well in all departments, including getting his hands in the air to swat balls. Has a nice initial burst off the snap, and does have several pass rushing moves, although he tended to rely on his bull rush a lot in college. However I attribute that to it being so effective. Has quick feet and good lateral agility, has good speed for his size to track some plays down. Good against the run and plays with good pad level, very stout and has a strong lower body. Extremely durable and doesn't wear down much. A good tackler who won't miss too many and for people saying he lacks some violence to his game, he sure does plant some backs onto the floor once he gets hold of them, and gets good penetration into the backfield.

What are the concerns with Smith?

He doesn't seem to love the game on the outside, not a 'beat your chest' type player, and his motivation and intensity has been questioned, and for me those are big red flags straight away. Remains to be seen whether he will adapt his other pass rush moves when his bull rush is not as effective at the next level. Doesn't always have the best awareness, and he is inconsistent.

Final Word

What I hear about Smith and what I see from him don't really arrive at the same destination. Coming in I thought he was quite an intense player, and his tackling has been more than violent in the past, he is also quite violent in trying to shed blocks. He is definitely a work in progress, but he has definite upside, and with the right coaches he could be a very good player. He has good athletic ability, he has good lateral movement, and looks like he may have good flexibility as well, he played as a 3-4 NT and 4-3 DT in college, and I think he has the tools to also move outside to play a 3-4 DE. So that is some serious versatility there, and for a team that likes to give different looks he could offer some value. I have read that he is projected to go in the 3rd or 4th round, potentially slipping to the 5th at the very lowest, and some mockers say he has 2nd round talent. It depends where we go with our first picks, but he is an interesting prospect if he is sitting there in the 4th and especially in the 5th. Not saying I want him, but not against the idea either, undecided on Smith.

Bleacher Report:

With the 74th pick in this year's draft, the Jaguars kept that trend alive. After their surprising decision to nab defensive tackle Tyson Alualu in the first round, the team chose Louisiana Tech's D'Anthony Smith to further fortify that spot on the depth chart.

"Smith doesn't have the rare size or athleticism to warrant a first round grade,"according to , "but he ranks among the more intriguing second tier defensive tackle prospects of the 2010 draft."

At 6'2" and 305 pounds, Smith impressed scouts from several NFL teams with a 35" vertical leap and 9'5" broad jump at Louisiana Tech's pro day in March-both numbers suggestive of unusual explosiveness for his frame.

Coupled with Smith's 30 bench presses of 225 pounds, Jacksonville's newest addition can't be considered unathletic.


Despite starting the last 44 games of his collegiate career, D'Anthony Smith has largely gone under the radar. Louisiana Tech was not exactly a powerhouse in the Western Athletic Conference during Smith's tenure, but the defense was pretty good at times and Smith played a big part in that. Even as a true freshman Smith earned eight starts. After that he was a staple in the starting lineup. He was a two time first-team all-conference award winner and ended his career with 12.5 sacks and 23.5 tackles-for-loss; which is not bad at all for a tackle. Smith does not lack in strength and agility. He has great lateral quickness and simply makes plays. His experience in a 4-3 defense and a 3-4 defense even gives him some versatility, although he will not exactly fit in most 3-4 schemes in the NFL. Yet, he did play some nose tackle with the Bulldogs when they were in the nickel package. What is keeping Smith down most draft boards are his intangibles. He does not always play with a nastiness that NFL teams would like to see. He has the talent and experience to be in the regular rotation of defensive tackles at the next level right away, but his lack of intensity could cause big problems sooner than later. However, if he can prove that he is ready and willing to be a tough, hard nosed defensive tackle, he could be a steal in the third or fourth round.

Interesting Fan Draft Scouting Report:

D'Anthony Smith

6-2/304 Louisiana Tech Senior

PROS: Flashes a nice first step with good upfield quickness. Closes on the quarterback when he gets penetration. Shows a nice swim move as well as potential as a bull rusher. Has a nice motor and can make plays laterally. Shows good athleticism and range potential there. Has ability to get leverage vs. the run and can make the stop at the point of attack.

CONS: Struggles when facing double teams and tends to get pushed off the ball in those situations. Has trouble disengaging from blocker. Doesn't have great quickness and it shows when he moves outside to defensive end.

OVERVIEW: Flashes potential, but not always a consistent disruptive presence. A four-year starter that finished college career with 12.5 sacks and 23.5 tackles for loss. Best year was as a junior where he had 5 and 8, respectively.

NFL FORECAST: Smith can be a bit of a tease. You will like his athleticism and he'll show potential, but I don't see the consistency and the dominating presence. He fits best as a 3-technique in a 4-3, as I'm not sure he possesses the ability to adapt well to other spots or schemes. Has experience playing end, but doesn't show ability to thrive there. Smith is one of those players that because of his upside, I could see him coming into his own several years down the road. But it also wouldn't surprise me that he gets off to a slow start in the NFL, and is a much better player for his second or third team than the one that drafts him. He needs development, and if he goes to a team with solid coaching and plays beside some other talent up front, I think his chances of earlier success are higher. But I'd be surprised if he's anything more than a rotational guy his first two or three seasons. He's a guy that you develop long-term. I'm not sure he'll be an impact pass rusher, but has the potential to be a guy that can be a 5-8 sack guy.

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