Reap it Harbaugh...

Disclaimer: This IS a post about a down-on-their-Luck (thanks Andrew) 49er team reeling after a loss to Seattle at the Clink, followed by a whooping by Indy at Candlestick. I am venting due to my proximity to 49er fans and in particular my boss who has the bile inducing trait of talking trash when his team is winning, but pretends to not watch football when they lose. Congratulations if you are one of the unique individuals who does not mind throwing dirt in the face of those holding the strings of your career, I am not like you. Feel free to bash this in the comments, but since I live and breathe this team I am trying to savor every moment of sweet victory. Nothing is guaranteed so currently my spirit is soaring err.. swimming in a sea of tears. The tears of my obnoxious and mouthy enemy. Many Fieldgulls faithful dislike this type of post so fair warning if you choose to continue.

For any of you who remember Emilio Estevez before he was ever a Mighty Duck or a Night at the Roxbury punchline, he played William H. Bonney in Young Guns (a useful cog in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game). I will spare you the details of the Billy the Kid story, but young Bonney was told a famous proverb by his educated English employer, "He who sows the wind, will reap the whirlwind." Jim Harbaugh could release a "Greatest Hits Album" of running his mouth to the media quotations in his short tenure as 49ers head coach, and as a firm believer in Karma, Harbaugh is about to reap the whirlwind.

I admit that Jimminy Harbaugh irritates me more than he should. I wish he would take a cue from his brother John on composure and class. What I cannot stand is his use of press conferences as his own bully pulpit. He has gone out of his way to try to manipulate officiating in the media by complaining about our secondary, questioned the Seahawks "Adderall" usage, complained about rules that don't favor his team's RO attack. All in the last year.

Following Week 2's loss he was asked directly about Brooks hit on Wilson in the exact situation he complained about, he had the following to say.

What were your thoughts on Ahmad Brooks' hit on Russell Wilson during the read-option?

"Well, I think you know how I feel about that. I've been pretty outspoken that they need to look at that rule."

So did you think it was a penalty because it would have been a hit by saying it's flawed and biased?

"Do I think it was a penalty? No. That's the way the rule's written right now. Let somebody else carry the water on that from now on. One voice isn't enough there."(link)

Clearly Jim, one voice isn't enough here. His above reproach franchise quickly traded for cut and then resigned recently arrested CB Eric Wright from Tampa Bay when their CB depth was thin (currently shown on reserve/non-football injury list). Harbaugh also felt Aldon Smith should start in their week 3 home game a few days after this happened. Smith was recently suspended indefinitely. 49er beat writer Grant Cohn wrote an article detailing other instances of Harbaugh's antics here.

Harbaugh says whatever is on his mind without regard to consequence. He has sown the wind. His team is showing signs of weakness and the Indy game tape is revealing. The Colts game showed Indy's secondary winning one on one against the 49er receivers and Kap seemed to start anticipating the lack of targets presnap. He got nervous and the problems compounded. Indy started to shut down the run and then released the hounds. I don't like the 49ers chances in St. Louis on Thursday.

Admittedly I have not seen the St. Louis defense in action this year, but if they can muster an average secondary effort their pass rush is going to terrorize Kap. On defense, the 49er lack of secondary is going to make Bradford look like the #1 overall pick that he was and losing Aldon Smith is only going to cripple a poor pass rush. At the current time (Tuesday night) you can bet the Rams and get 4 points somehow.

My guess- the whirlwind is coming Harbaugh and this ain't Kansas Stanford the Superbowl 1st place in the NFC West anymore.

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