Seahawks 2013 Draft vs. Texans 2013 Draft A Week 3 Review

An article expounding on the Texans 2013 draft results three weeks into the season can be found here:

Reading this got me to thinking, "How does their draft compare to ours so far?" Let’s take a look, shall we? First, give the author of the above article his due clicks and read his summary, then come back and compare.


1st Rd. Traded for WR Percy Harvin - Dynamic, game breaking talent in his 5th year in the NFL (still just 25). Subsequently signed to a long-term deal and is currently on PUP recovering from a hip labrum surgery. Is expected to return at some point this season.

2nd Rd. RB Christine Michael - Has not played much due to being buried on the depth chart but when he has played he has impressed. He provides valuable and necessary depth at the position due to Marshawn’s ongoing back issues.

3rd Rd. DT Jordan Hill - Showed enough in training camp to beat Clinton McDonald out of a job. Is currently recovering from a bicep injury but has not been placed on the injured/reserve list indicating that his return might be close. In the meantime the team was able to bring Clinton back to the position and he has acquitted himself well, consolidating previous flashes into a more consistent performance. Hill may be in danger of being cut if he can’t outperform Clinton when he is again able to practice.

4th Rd. WR Chris Harper - Cut, signed to the practice squad, and poached by the 49ers. San Fran is attempting to change his position to more of a TE role. He’s basically a practice squad member taking up a roster spot on another team at this point. He may eventually become a factor as he (usually) has good hands and an excellent physical presence. Time will tell on his carreer but, so far, he has not been a factor.

5th Rd. DT Jesse Williams - An upside-down triangle of a man, Jesse is sitting on the injured/reserve list due to a knee issue. The knee is why Jesse fell to the 5th round in the first place so it was a known risk. If he can overcome this injury and figure out what they mean when they speak gobbldygook words like, "squat" or "lunge" over the offseason, he has the potential to make an impact in 2014.

5th Rd. CB Tharold Simon - Tharold is a big DB. That’s the best thing he has going for him because even before he got hurt he was being outplayed in training camp by the likes of those currently subsisting on the Jacksonville dole. The only thing keeping him on the team at this point is his injury so expect him to be nursed back to health…very...slowly.

5th Rd. TE Luke Willson - Currently playing TE2 and reviews have been…meh. There has been a lot of talk of his potential and he did have a decent performance against JAX so there is talent here. Where his ceiling is, however, remains to be seen.

6th Rd. RB Spencer Ware - Was not cut out of training camp, which is amazing considering the position group that was in place back then. Talk was that he was being cross-trained as a FB but 2nd year Derrick Coleman outplayed him there so his roster spot was in jeopardy. Then Mike Rob came down with a bad combination of whatever terrible sickness he had that caused his organs to fail (!) and being an expensive cap hit.

As an aside, I was surprised to learn during Mitch Levy’s interview with M-Rob that the Seahawks never approached him with a restructure. He said that he wished they had. I don’t see the problem, here. Sign him for the veteran minimum, get him back into playing shape, and get his @$$ on the field.

Anyway, Spencer Ware. Yeah, he’s on the roster but we haven’t seen all that much from him yet.

7th Rd. OG Ryan Seymour - Currently playing guard on the practice squad, jumping at shadows. Seriously, that practice squad has seen more churn than an amish dairy farm.

7th Rd. DE Ty Powell - Was signed to the practice squad and was subsequently cut in the aforementioned churn. Was later picked up by the Giants and is currently on their practice squad.

7th Rd. OG Jared Smith - See: Seymour, Ryan.

7th Rd. OT Michael Bowie - Due to a recent spate of injuries to the o-line, is likely to be getting his first NFL start against J.J. Watt and the Texans. Good luck, rook. We’ll soon know a LOT more about you.

UFDA of note:

OL Alvin Bailey - Next man up to start on the O-line if, like, anyone else gets hurt. Flashed very well in the preseason and has looked like he belongs so he has the potential to be a UDFA steal.

LB John Lotulelei - Has looked fast and instinctual during the pre-season and legit earned his roster spot. Has shown flashes of very good LB play and provides valuable depth. Ken Norton Jr. stands watch outside his door all night wary of any Arizona Cardinal sneakthief who might venture forth with larcenous intentions.

DE Benson Mayowa - A pre-season darling, Benson flashed legitimate skill as a pass-rusher. Provides quality depth at the position.

DE Kenneth Boatright - Currently residing on the injured/reserve list. Is buried behind Clemons, Avril, Bennett, and Mayowa so this may be another case of the team making VERY sure that he’s FULLY and TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS ALL THE WAY healed before any moves are made in his regard.


The Texans acquired one impact skill position player and a bunch of injured guys looking forward to 2014. The Seahawks acquired a dump truck full of quality depth and a lot of injured guys who could return at some point this season. At this point, the Seahawks probably have a slight edge but, depending on how the season pans out for each draft pick, it really could go either way.

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