Seahawk Takeaways (no pun intended)

Good Monday morning!

So I'm brand new to Field Gulls, but I'm a long time Twitter follower of Davis, Danny and the rest of the gang. I'm an aspiring blogger/writer myself, and this seems like a perfect place for me to help get jumpstarted.

Please check out my site at , and let me know what you think. A season ticket holder since 07.... I'm debating whether to go super-analytical, a la Davis Hsu, or keep it pretty high level and light hearted. Right now I feel like kind of a tweener.

Anyway for my first fanpost, I thought I would just give a few quick hitters about my takeaways from the game. I've watched this game multiple times now, in slow-mo, and from the gift of God that is NFL Rewind....and here's some of my findings:

-Russell Wilson is just so damn good. Fantasy geeks be damned. Nuff said.

-If we had JJ Watt on our line, I might be buying tickets to New York already by now.

-Having said that-most underrated performance yesterday IMO, goes to Chris Clemons. I know our feeling after the game was that we didn't get enough pressure, but after reviewing the game in detail, CC was constantly in the backfield in Schaub's face. He officially had only one sack, but the pressures, hurries, and running assignments were second to none.

-Schaub will get a lot of blame, and the narrative might be the Hawks were "lucky" across the nation, but I would hope we all know the truth: Schaub was killing us the entire game, and while he had one ill advised throw, truth is he was a big reason they were up to begin with. Texans would be stupid to bench him now.

-If the Hawks go 3-3 on the road from here on out, we are 13-3 and likely looking at home field throughout the playoffs. Let's not undersell the importance of this win.

-Glad Bennett seems to be okay. He also kept the game from getting worse in the first half....he would be a big loss if he's seriously hurt.

-Seahawks need to dial up more blitzes IMO. I counted 7 blitzes in the game, and here are the results: Incomplete, short gain, short gain, incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, sack, and then of course the shoeless INT where Kam came off the edge. Let's not leave the LOB out to dry like that again.

-Sorry but I enjoy reading Niners Nation tweets just to see what they say about it. I love how it went from the Hawks are terrible on the road, to how big of a choke job the Texans are. If I'm them, I wouldn't downplay or disrespect the team that could very well come into their house and give them a beating. To me, the Texans looked damned good.

-We're halfway to Percy land.

All for now-again please check out my blog and let me know what you think. Go Hawks!

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