Interactive Data Visualization for all 2013 Seahawk Takeaways

I spent some time and compiled data on every Seahawks takeaway during the 2013 regular season. The visualization is still in a beta version, but I wanted to roll it out before the first playoff game starts. A couple quick notes to explain how to use the visualization.

There are two types of marks on the field graphic. The triangles represent the opponent’s line of scrimmage at the beginning of the play that resulted in a Seahawk takeaway, and the X’s represent where the Seahawk player either retrieved the fumble or got the interception. When an X or a triangle is selected the connected event will be highlighted.

The end zone with the Seahawk logo is where the opposing team needs to reach in order to score.

The "Color Marks on Field By:" dropdown allows you to change the color key of these two mark types to be represented by different categories. You can highlight specific events by clicking on the event type in the color legend. When looking at a specific Color By: category you can also use the dropdown on the lower right to filter out and only show a certain type of event; the filter dropdown changes depending on what you are coloring marks by.

*Important Note* I am trying to fix this, but in this beta version you have to set the filter dropdown back to (All) values before you switch the Color By: selection in order to continue viewing data.

The Fumbles and Interceptions counter at the top of the view will change based on the filter dropdown to show the total number of each for your filter selections (simply clicking and highlighting events from the color key will not change the counters).

The score significance bubbles represent the score differential at the time of the takeaway. Larger bubbles mean the Seahawks were trailing by a larger amount at the time of the takeaway. The location significance bubbles represent how far the opposing team was from scoring a touchdown. Larger bubbles mean the opponent was closer to the red zone.

There is some more built in functionality that can take your analysis deeper, but the best way to figure out how it works is to ask yourself questions and try and make logical selections/actions to answer them!

Please send me any and all feedback on improvements of functionality or on additional data you wish was included. My email is; or simply leave a comment below.

(Visualization was created with Tableau Software’s free public visualization creator/sharer:


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