Restricting Ticket Sales to Local Regions. Is everyone missing the point?

This has been bugging me and I am using this as my medium to vent. Those who follow with me: you have amazing patience, thank you. This might have been taken care of in the comments section on some other article but unlike you, fair reader, I didn't have the patience to dig around to find out.

Saturday night, Niners Nation appears to be the first to release their findings about the sales restriction on NFCCG tickets at Century Link. With consternation, there is an uproar about legality, classlessness and other such nonsense. There is a firestorm demanding that they hope the national media runs with this story to denounce Seattle. Then sure enough for two days every media outlet is using this idea of Seattle keeping 49er fans out of the building as a main headline. (would have happened anyway, I know) Somehow, there is this concept that selling tickets to California would weaken the Century Link's advantage! They'd be quieter! They are doing everything they can to protect themselves!

Am I the only one (insert meme) who sees this as asinine? My first, immediate thought was that the Seahawks know how in demand their seats are going to be, and how utterly expensive the resales are. They wanted to give the local fans (who've followed their team all year) the best chance to get a seat. (Yes, Hawaii counts as local, we're a main stop to the mainland, and the Seahawks are as much Vancouver's local football team as the Canucks are Seattle's local NHL team.)

In truth, there were only 3,000 available tickets anyway. The Seahawks apparently released it's view on the subject saying they were trying to keep third party brokers from hacking the system. (Stubhub, damn you!) Apparently this had already happened for the Saint's Divisional game. Damn, Seahawks...trying to protect the individual local consumer!

I know I shouldn't be worked up over it (though this week...everything is getting me riled. Can Sunday just be here already?) except that as I'm getting older I'm seeing how completely ridiculous our media is and how it preys on emotions at the expense of facts. (Revelation, I know) Mike Silver started it for me this year, with his complete butchering of the *confidential* facts of BB's suspension, and then it's just been this perpetual circus without fact and little reason, in the NFL media especially. Just cuts of interview's out of context or leading questions... Journalism is dead. This saddens me.

I'm glad I was turned onto Field Gulls for my Seahawks news and debate. Not that SBnation is a perfect media outlet but it's honest, says things as they are and uses a helluva lot of statistics and facts! (DVOA for the win!) Thanks for having me folks! Go Hawks!

Original Links:

Niner's Nation first post

Seattle Seahawks Response According to ESPN.

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