Enemy Reaction (All Video Edition): New Orleans Saints

halted Enemy Reaction for a few weeks because ... well ... outside of the first Saints win (where I was too busy to put up an ER), the Seahawks beat a string of bad-to-awful teams straight over the last two months. The Vikings and Falcons have suffered enough, so they were spared.

The Saints will not get the same fate this time. As someone who previously had no reason to dislike them, they absolutely earned every bit of scorn that other teams in their division give them.

Now, before we embark on this journey let me say apologies for the lateness and ditto for the lack of game thread screenshots. For whatever reason the screenshots (using a different tool than I normally use) came out ugly and by the time I noticed it I decided to just scrap it. But given the general behavior of Saints fans on Canal Street Chronicles, I'm sure most of you have peaked at their game threads. Remember, the Saints beat the Saints, not the Seahawks. The Saints are the bestest team ever following 40 years of pure dog shit and instant playoff exits.

So instead of game threads we're going to swing by Youtube and check out some of the highlights from the Saints fans after their season ended on Saturday.

Do you know what he's saying?

"I want to punch somebody right now"

And now for a respectful crow video

Saints fan licks (what I think is the) Seattle gum wall after losing bet with Seahawks fan

The Saints defense fought hard and looked excellent out there and nearly knocked out half of Seattle's receivers with cheap hits, but Beast Mode was too much for them. They will never learn how good Beast Mode is. Their offense struggled until they found their groove with a mixture of nice catches and bullshit luck. It was all for naught though as Marques Colston reminded Saints fans that you can never take the "Aints" out of Saints no matter how many times you bring up your Super Bowl win.

Onward to the 49ers game, where uh ... dammit, let me just stop writing there. Seattle has no choice but to win. My personal hell is New England/San Francisco. I'm hoping it's Denver/Seattle because even if Seattle loses (which would really suck), Peyton Manning gets another Super Bowl ring. But yeah, Seahawks must win this Sunday's game at all costs. I cannot stomach the mere thought of watching Harbaugh lift the trophy at the CLink. Eliminate this immediately and bring us to Metlife Stadium on February 1st.

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