Seahawks Playoff History Shows How and Why They Will Win Against the 49ers

After watching about five combined minutes on what the national media had to say about the Seahawk-49er game, I couldn't take it anymore. So I decided to see how likely it is for the Seahawks to lose a home playoff game. Which is very unlikely.

Altogether, the Seahawks have only lost 2 home playoff games: in 2004 against the Rams and in 1999 against the Dolphins. And these were both when they didn't when a single playoff game from 1987-2004. We haven't lost at home in the playoffs since that 2004 game.

I'm not saying we're unbeatable at home in the playoffs, but do you really see us losing this game? This team and fan base hasn't been this jacked up for football since the 2005 Super Bowl run. This is only the second time that we have been able to host a conference championship game at home. And the last time that happened? We destroyed the Panthers 34-14.

Not only do we hardly ever lose home playoff games, but we've only lost one at CenturyLink. While I think the 49ers have an advantage in terms of knowing what the atmosphere is going to be like, they have never experienced an NFC Championship game here. Our fans will be out of their minds.

People have asked me all week if I'm nervous for this game. While the game has been on my mind almost every second this week, I can say with confidence that I have not been nervous at any time. I know what the 49ers can do and more importantly, I know what the Seahawks can do. The 49ers have traveled four straight weeks in a row and that has to take a toll on them eventually. I don't care how well you prepare. Traveling once a week for a month straight would be a pain in the ass.

And now I'm going to start repeating what everyone else has already said. This game comes down to running the ball. That statement has held true when these two teams play head to head and when the Seahawks have lost home playoff games. In 2004 against the Rams, we were out rushed 102-81. In the 1999 game against the Dolphins, we were out rushed 108-41.

There's a whole lot of stats out there about the Seahawks and the 49ers which is probably a lot more telling, but I found these stats more interesting. To go along with rushing, we need to win the turnover battle. In the two home playoff losses, we lost the turnover battle by a combined margin of 3-1. Obviously, this is what Pete Carroll and everyone has talked about all year, but I just wanted to reiterate it.

If we can get our run game going like we did last week against the Saints, I truly believe we will be going to the Super Bowl. It's a lot easier said than done against a much better 49er defense, but our run game was electric last week. If we pound the rock efficiently and don't turn the ball over at all, we win. I guarantee it.

This team hasn't stopped thinking about the Atlanta playoff game from last year. They were devastated when their season ended on a last second field goal (pun intended). They have been preparing every second since then to get back to this moment. They're hungrier than the 49ers to win this game, even if they don't show it.

And if you don't believe me, go read Earl Thomas' blog from this week. Reading his blog gave me complete confidence in this team. They are built for games like this. And it's going to be so sweet shutting those 49ers up.

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