Maybe Next Year Kap!!!

So here we meet again. Yeah last game you guys had our number at your house but it all comes down to what we’re going to do when you step on our porch. We seen Kaepernick and his Superman antics at Carolina. We were not impressed. We witnessed him carry the San Francisco 49ers thru the extreme weather that comes with the Green Bay Packers and their timeless franchise and rise to the occasion. No matter how valiant Kaepernick’s antics have been since he first started building his legacy taking over for Alex Smith last season the buck stops here in Seattle!

Remember how horrible you played last time you were at our house? I think it was 3 picks 4 turnovers and your team only managed to score 3 points. Anquan Boldin got locked up by the Shermanator, Beast Mode was well, Beast Mode. Russell torched your D so on and so on. I could go on for days on why you guys don’t have a chance this Sunday but the real reason is just that your quarterback is just not ready. Tumblr_mzb3zdebkq1snwcf6o1_1280_medium


As much as everyone is impressed with Kap’s skills, his cannon as well as his ability to break big runs the fact of the matter is that of all the QB’s in the playoffs Kaepernick has had the least experienced of all QB’s including his Superbowl appearance. Ok so he was number 7 overall total QBR this season and to his credit he only trails the great Peyton Manning in total QBR this post season but I think the numbers will have no effect when he enters the walls of CenturyLink.

Seattle’s defense is indestructable at home. Here are some stats to consider...

Yards per carry allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

Points per game allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

Yards per play allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

Opponent’s third down conversion percentage at CenturyLink Field this season:

Turnover margin at CenturyLink Field this season:

Penalties per game at CenturyLink Field this season:

Did I already mentioned that the 49ers only scored 3 points last time they were here? Thought so.
I also said the Shermanator locked your boys up in the passing game and the rest of the Legion Of Boom followed suit. Here’s some more numbers...

Passer rating allowed this season:
Richard Sherman: 45.9
Byron Maxwell: 47.2
Walter Thurmond: 67.3
Kam Chancellor: 61.1
Earl Thomas: 78.4


via Harry How/ Getty Images

Here’s Colin’s passer rating against Seattle this year: 43.8

Guess we’re gonna need both of those eyebrows after this.

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