Our time.

If you are looking for something rational and stat heavy, this post isn't for you.

As I watched night fall on our city, I can feel the chills about tomorrow go up my spine. I truly believe tomorrow is one of the most important games in the history of Seattle. Not just the Seahawks. Of Seattle.

As a child of the 90s, nothing, NOTHING compared to the ride of the 1995 Mariners. Even thinking about that year, that September, is nothing but pure bliss. The scrappy play of Joey Cora. The indomitable Edgar. Bone. The Big Unit. Luis Sojo running around the bases. The Double. That team always was my favorite.

Until this year.

This year, the Seahawks have taken us on a completely different ride from those Mariners. Those Mariners proved that baseball wasn't a joke in Seattle (that is, until terrible upper management ruined it again). These Seahawks are out to prove something entirely different: That the best football is played. Right here. Not in the South in New Orleans. Not in the East with New England. Not in the Mountain West with Denver. Not in California with San Francisco. The best football is played in the Cathedral of Sound, deep in the heart of Seattle.

That is a far cry from the commentary of the past week. How many times will people say "Seattle's offense is struggling" ? How many analysts have said that the 49ers can walk up here, and beat us? I truly wonder if Pete Carroll bought some of these folks off. They have given great bulletin board material.

But that was this past week. For tonight, I have just two words for the 49ers and for every single person wanting to see us lose:

Bring It. Just shut up and bring it.

This, right here, is our time. We can almost smell the Lombardi Trophy. Each and every member of that team practicing in Renton this past week is a like a caged shark. They have smelled the blood in the water. They want to feast upon the flesh of the 49ers.

So, I say bring It.

Frank Gore: Bring It.
Michael Crabtree: Bring It.
Colin Kaepernick: Bring It
Vernon Davis: Bring It.
Aldon Smith: Bring It.
Justin Smith: Bring it.
Anquan Boldin: Bring it.
Jim Harbaugh: Bring it.

We. Are. Waiting.

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