The 12 Man's Guide to Completely Ending The Emotional Stress of The NFC Championship Game

I've been a diehard Seahawks fan since 1983 and on this NFC Championship Game eve I want to share with you how I've watched games throughout the season and how I will watch the game today. I'm not talking about physically preparing for the game, it's not about nachos or drinking organic beer or blazing a joint or having a some stupid ritual. Instead I am explaining how to watch the game from a psycho-physiological perspective as to better control your limbic and nervous system responses. I will keep it short, simple, and to the point.

When fans watch sports games it triggers a physical response inside of us and those symptoms can be a bubbling stomach, to an increased heart rate, to anxiety and everything in between. The tug of war battles in games cause a myriad of physical responses inside of us from play to play. Earlier this year I was in the Field Gulls gameday thread during the Tampa bay game. This is the game where we were down 21 points this season and I watched everyone around me melt down as I remained calm and level headed. People were complaining about feeling bad, having a sick stomach, and had all of these complaints.

These are either my FG gameday thread quotes as best I could remember from the Tampa Bay game or exact quotes from last week against the Saints. I made them when it looked like Seattle was in trouble to relax our panicking fans.


"My brothers, our Seahawks are winners and you are a winner. Stop the drama! Never fear that the game will be lost. Let the game unfold as it should and enjoy the experience. We are winning the Superbowl, it is our destiny."

"Tampa Bay has no game plan for being up 21 points and are going to eventually lose. I feel sorry for them because they really think they are going to win this game. They're not."

"When you stop being a drama queen and think like a winner you don't get anxiety, and ingestion, or nervousness about our games."

"Brothers, you are a Seahawks fan and you are a winner. Act like it. We are winning the Superbowl!"


When I made those quotes the lack of response was very telling. It was a moment of clarity in a hurricane. It was like I watched the game on my DVR but nobody else had seen it so I could only laugh at their temporary anxiety and outbursts because I knew eventually they would get their redemption. What I'm telling you is that the redemption continues today!

In the NFL our Seahawks have the most talent, the best fans, home field advantage, the motivation of never winning a championship in the history of the franchise, and have great coaching. In my opinion and from my perspective we are going to beat the 49ers and I'm not worried one iota about losing because I 100% expect to win. If we get behind in score I'm again going to laugh at others at the football party for not realizing we are coming back to win. I've never been this sure about Seattle in 31 years of being a 12th Man.

Don't hang your emotions on the game from play-to-play and instead come to an understanding of your 12 Man destiny. Simply witness the unfolding of what you want most;

the Seahawks are winning the Superbowl.

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