Sea-Fence, Playoff Tickets, and 12th Mansmanship



The odds of seeing Lorin "Big Lo" Sandretzky (Sea-Fence) on TV at a Seahawks home game are as good or better than seeing a shot of the space needle, a fish being tossed across the counter at Pike Place Market, or a Washington State ferry approaching the Elliott Bay dock during a game break. It's a sure bet. I remember one game where they didn't show Big Lo until late in the third quarter. I started to panic wondering if something had happened to him. I shouted "Sea-Fence" in pure joy when they finally showed him - high fives around the room! Big Lo is the anchor of the Hawks Nest - ya gotta love the guy.

Now to the point of this post. The Seahawks reported Tuesday that the few tickets available for the Divisional playoff game on January 11 sold out in a matter of minutes. That was no surprise. Seahawks tickets have been selling on the ticket exchanges for double or triple their face value or more all year. Playoff tickets are selling for a higher premium than that.

In stark contrast, the NFL has had to grant a ticket sales extension to three of the four home playoff teams this week in order to avoid local TV blackouts of their games: in Green Bay, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. As of this evening, all three of those teams were granted until late Friday afternoon to sell the remaining tickets before the TV blackouts go into effect.

I'll cut the Green Bay fans some slack because the Sunday weather forecast there is for frigid temperatures with a wind chill of 30-degrees below zero. That is extreme even for frozen Tundraville. I can't wait to watch this game. Hmmm, I wonder how Kaep will fare under those conditions?

Cincinnati claims to have the greatest home field advantage because their team is undefeated there this year - obviously it is not because of their rabid fans. Chad "Ocho-Cinco" Johnson has tweeted that he is going to buy the remaining unsold tickets if necessary to avoid the TV blackout. That is very noble of him.

And what about Indianapolis? They play in a cozy dome. What is their story? The Colts are on a bit of a winning streak. You'd think that would be a pretty hot ticket in middle America. Not so much, I guess.

Now for Seattle......

There will be no shortage of fans at Century Link Field on January 11, and it won't matter who the Hawks play that day. The 12th man will bring everything they've got, rain or shine. There is no worry that the game won't be shown on local TV if you don't have a ticket or can't pay the exorbitant markup to buy one on the exchanges. Family rooms and watering-holes across the region will be buzzing with excitement as fans gather together to watch the game. Car radios will be tuned to the "Bing Radio Network" to listen to Steve Raible call the game.

The Seahawks are home. The fans are all-in. It's Hawk time, and what a great time it is to be a 12. Go Hawks!

And oh-yeah, don't forget to keep an eye out for Sea-Fence!

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