Refs gifted Seattle the game.

I hope the refs got paid enough. This was the most one-sided officiating I've ever seen in a conference championship game. Seattle didn't deserve to win but you've been handed the honor of being humiliated by Peyton. So congrats on that.

- Kam Chancellor laid a big hit on VD which appeared to cause a fumble, but was ruled incomplete instead. Should have been an eight-yard catch for Davis, who took two full steps after the catch before being hit, while the fumble was caused by the ground and wouldn’t have counted. On the ensuing punt Chris Maragos runs into Andy Lee's plant leg, which according to the rules should've been called roughing the kicker. Instead, the refs call running into the kicker which is a 5 yard penalty instead of 15 had it been called correctly. Had either the Davis catch or the punter-roughing been called appropriately, the Niners would have had a first down. Instead, we're forced to decline the call, since Lee was injured, and Seattle scores on a possession they should've never had.(potential 14 point turnaround)

- About midway through the fourth quarter, Jermaine Kearse caught a Russell Wilson pass. Or at least it appeared that way. Kearse got tackled on San Francisco’s 3-yard line. Before the tackle, the ball came loose, a scrum ensued, and the referee held up a fist to signify Seattle recovered the fumble, bringing up fourth down. Only Bowman snatched the ball away before his leg exploded and was on the ground for a good 3 seconds before a scrum ensued in which the Seahawks then recovered. Because the referees ruled the play to be a fumble that was recovered by the Seahawks. The play was unreviewable per league rules. Lynch ended up fumbled on the next play but it just goes to show which side the refs were on. I guess it must've been so loud their eyes momentarily stopped working.

But hey of course I'm going to say that. I'm sure only Niner's fans feel they were robbed...

Mile High report:

SF getting home towned

Seattle has gotten so many breaks this game....they are playing cheap, holding, hitting late and refs are giving them breaks

yeah they are handing this game to seattle on a silver platter

What the HELL?

Bowman CLEARLY recovers the ball—and yet Seattle is going to keep it at the 1? Holy $h*t: what
a officiating screwup, and the niners lose one of their best players.

well this is a huge screw job, the calls are ALL going's getting hard to watch

Hogs Haven

The NBA would be proud of this subtle game manipulation by the referees

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game officiated in a more biased manner

I cant believe

that a) that was ruled as a seahawks recovery, and b) that play isn’t reviewable despite the fact that there are several views that clearly show the 49ers recovered. Bullllshit.

Acme Packing Company

Pretty sure

Crabtree is pregnant with Sherman’s child after that hold.

For Sherman that hardly classifies as a hold.

Behind the Steel Curtain

So SeaHawks.

Refs basically handing things to you. You still gonna complain about them?

I'm rooting for Seattle but that sucks

Not reviewable? And sh*t, bowman looks really hurt.

What's right is right. Should be San Fran's ball

That should be Niners ball.

Bowman had the ball. Looks like his leg got really messed up.

Baltimore Beatdown

How is that not reviewable?

With the NFL allowing basically everything to be reviewed, there’s no excuse for a game changing play like that to be incorrectly called and allowed to stand. They have to change that in the offseason.

That's bs

I hate Harbaugh whining but they have been totally screwed in this game

Stampede Blue

Another BS referee call influencing the game.

Please, please change the rules where all helmet to helmets are reviewed upstairs. Most consistent phantom BS call in the NFL.

Those are just a few of the many many examples, on the many SB Nation blogs, of neutral fans pointing out how incredibly biased the officiating was. Having said that, what's done is done and America will enjoy watching Peyton throw the game-winning touchdown through Sherman's face :)

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