Who's Got (Their Name On) My Back?

I am not a huge fan of wearing jerseys. I only own one. I got it right before the Super Bowl XL season and it says Hasselbeck. I did end up wearing that #8 jersey quite a bit. I wore it to every game I attended while #8 was still here but I mostly just wear Seahawks t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts. But now that the Seahawks are on their way to their next Super Bowl, the time has come for me to pick a new jersey... but I can't decide who's name to put on my back.

I only have a few stipulations that the name must meet:

  1. The player can't have been charged with homicide
  2. The player must be cemented into Seahawks lore and a Ring of Honor candidate (or at least have a really really really good shot at it)
  3. The player ideally plays for a longtime with Seattle (at least the majority of his career)
  4. The player ideally doesn't have a boring last name like Smith or Johnson
  5. The jersey must not say 'Fan' on the back. I think those jerseys are fine, but they're not my thing.

So with that in mind, who are the candidates?

Russell Wilson

Pros: Starting quarterback. Already setting records. Most likely a long-time Seahawk.

Cons: Who doesn't have a Wilson jersey? His career just started... who knows what will happen.

Earl Thomas

Pros: All-pro. Starting quarterback of the backfield. That speed. Those picks.

Cons: No long-term deal yet. Misreading two big passes the last two games made me grumpy.

Kam Chancellor

Pros: Dayum


Cons: Is he a good candidate for the Ring of Honor?

Richard Sherman

Pros: All-pro. Those picks. Single-handedly sent the Seahawks to a Super Bowl (literally)


Cons: Will he be here after his contract is up? I hope so, but he is going to get PAID.

Marshawn Lynch

Pros: A lot of my favorite Seahawk memories are because of this man.



Cons: Short shelf-life for a running back

Doug Baldwin

Pros: I really like Doug.

Cons: Future is cloudy

Steven Hauschka

Pros: If he kicks a game winning field goal to win a Super Bowl I would seriously consider it.

Cons: Do Hauschka jerseys exist?

What are your thoughts? What jersey's do you have? I'm trying to avoid purchasing the next Houshmandzadeh jersey. I want a jersey that my future children will admire like how I admire the old guys wearing Largent Jerseys.

Go Hawks.

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