The San Francisco "Complex", Richard Sherman and My Thoughts

My note, I will touch on a couple issues, and opinions. I have read the site and wanted to find a way to contribute but never really thought of a relevant way to do so. In my celebratory, drinking state tonight (Woo! Post NFC Championship Victory!) I have laid words to led screen.

For all the classless talk on the internet, it is hard for me to forget the last time one of the teams I root for took on a team from San Francisco with a chance of going to the championship. My team blew Three chances, THREE, to go to the World Series (2012 St. Louis Cardinals if you hadn't gathered, I know most here are Mariners fans and I don't discriminate".

I was upset, disappointed that that group of guys didn't have it in them to win one of three to make it to the big one (a year after winning it ALL). BUT! I never assumed the fans of the either team would be so devious. I have been to the Bay Area often and never experienced a bad time. I had never met "bad" people from the bay.

Well, long story short, I had met those people (just had not seen their true side yet) , they just never showed their true colors until their city was "on top". I heard some of the worst things a person could hear, from people that were hardly known to me. They came from a distant fiend's girlfriend (that had only been met by myself once before on a drunken binge in vegas two years prior). Disgusting things. All simply because I was a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Nothing to do with my actual self or charter (although they showed their character and tried to discredit mine based on the team I supported).

I couldn't be more happier than to see my Seahawks beat those 49ers (and those "fans") for a trip to the best, most anticipated championship in American spots, the Super Bowl! (I know not all fans, especially of the 49ers, are cut for the same mold)

Now, I very much dislike 49er fans, especially those I know personally that don't give the team/franchise a good name, but I will give them (the team) their credit. They are a great football team. I am sad to see players like Bowman and Iupati go down with gruesome Injuries. Hopefully they both make a full recovery and are ready to go day one next season.

As to the hate, take a look in the mirror. People right now are enamored with giving Richard Sherman a lot of HATE! Its insane. Number one, if he was on the team you supported, you would love him unconditionally like any seahawk fan does. But, also, you would realize that he is nothing more than a player that talks. Like 90% of other players. Ask Larry Fitzgerald about his opinion of Sherman. (Plays him TWICE a season).

What bad did he actually say in that "horrible" post game interview? That Crabtree was a "mediocre" receiver? Do you disagree? Even if you do, do you understand the history between the two? Probably not as you most likely aren't a hawks or 9ers fan (that isn't bitter on losing the game).

Their history dates back, but reports suggest that last offseason, at a CHARITY event, Sherman offered a olive branch to Crabtree (a handshake) and Crabtree decided to initiate a fight... This coming from a player that sat out an entire NFL season prior to ever playing a NFL down because he never got the money he "wanted"...

Who really is the "bad guy"? Sherman, who gets paid like a 5th round pick yet is one of the best defensive players in the game or one of the top draft picks that sat out his rookie year over a contract dispute and has yet ever lived up to expectations?

Was Richard Sherman wrong to call Crabtree Mediocre? Did the film prove Crabtrees claim, as he stated the film proved Sherman was a liar? The film showed that crabtree was targeted twice. Once, where Sherman was called for defensive holding, and the second time, a tip to his teammate for the game sealing interception. Crabtree was targeted TWICE. Does that signal that Sherman is fake, or that he is good enough to keep Kapernick from targeting one of his top receivers more than twice in a game decided by less that 7 points?

The tape showed me that the 49ers saw Sherman as a threat to avoid, until the game was on the line and then decided to test him, mistakenly. A bold move that didn't work out. Call Sherman what you want, but nothing that he said was untrue or "thuggish" in nature at all. Its opinion vs. Fact, and both held true for Sherman after the play and after the "interview".

The Seahawks were victorious. They are marching on to the Super Bowl and will face the Denver Broncos. The NFL's Number one Offense. Matching up with the NFL's Number one Defense.

This is going to be great!

Go Hawks!

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