Observations on the way to the SB.

Life is beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. WE MADE IT.

A few observations after this unbelievable game:

The most important question to ask daily is – "When will Percy come to rescue our poor wide receivers?". It should be asked over and over again. It drives Baldwin nuts and I just love watching angry Doug playing. Better make sure he is pissed as hell on Feb. 2nd.

The 49ers are an awesome group of men. The images of Navarro still holding the ball as his leg gets twisted and his knee torn apart are still on my mind. It was an honor to duel and beat you guys. Big respect.

To be the best you have to beat the best. It's a saying that the best corner in the game should become familiar with. You don't get a lot of fame and glory from beating a mediocre choker.

Lynch has stumbled for 15 yards into the end zone faster then 4 defenders running at full speed. Is this the birth of a new running style?

The last play of the 9ers in the SB was Kaep in the red zone looking for "best hands in the NFL" Crabtree in the end zone. The last play of the 9ers this year was Kaep in the red zone looking for Crabtree in the end zone. Next year, if the 9ers have to ball in the red zone with a last play to win the game I suggest the following – "We tried the best, now try the rest".

I notice a few times that during running plays the 9ers Dline did not have their fists down on the LOS. They were almost a yard back. I then saw Lynch running to his right and tackled by Justine Smith making his way from the opposite side of the Dline without being touched. Is this the new defensive wrinkle against ZBS run game?

Cover 3 with 3 deep and 4 under is a defensive formation that even I can recognize. With Maxwell leaving his receiver and running deep to cover his zone it was clear that a linebacker or a safety is on his way to cover the left under zone. How did Kaep miss it on the interception pass to Chancellor?

Kaep eagerness to run is not a new revelation just like RW's love of scramble till he finds an open receiver. The 9ers played contain on RW beautifully. Why did it take us half a game to remember the the ends can not over pursuit and come back to find the QB still in the pocket? Without Kaep running the 9ers had 28 yards of offense during the whole first half.

Since Lynch started talking to the press he is over 100 yards and has at least one 30 yards plus TD run every game. Thank you NFL for being strict on this one. We can't keep having sub 100 yards games quietly away from the reporters now can we?

In a post a week ago I wrote the following:

"In 3 playoff games this year played by the Seahawks and 9ers there is one common number that stands out. 23 points.

2 touchdowns, 3 field goals – 23 points. Write it down. That’s what it takes to win this one. Once one of the teams reaches this number – it will win the game. Not a tall offensive order but considering both defenses – not a piece of cake either."

Damn I'm good.

I just wish I had kept my wise words in mind while watching the 9ers go down the field on their last drive. Instead I was too pissed at PC for going for it on the 4th and inchs on the goal line instead of kicking the field goal that would have had us 9 points ahead and celebrating already.


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