Super Bowl Lottery Catch

I wanted to share a little knowledge and personal experience regarding the Super Bowl Lottery system, because as Seahawks fans, we haven't had many opportunities to be go through the process. For Super Bowl XLVIII, the NFL has allocated around 17.5 percent of MetLife's 82,566 seats to the Seahawks. Offered to Seattle's current season ticket holders, lucky fans found out if they had won shortly after the Conference Championships.

To the chalkboard.

  • 14449 seats at MetLife will be reserved for lucky Seahawks fans who win the lottery.
  • Seattle has 62,000 seats secured by season ticket holders, which means season ticket holders in a non-weighted drawing will have roughly a 23% chance of winning (not bad odds).

I'm a Winner!

First off, we're all winners, as our beloved Seahawks have punched their ticket to the big dance.

As a season ticket holder who has unfortunately transplanted out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, attending the NFC Championship was a no-brainer. It turned out to be an extremely quick trip to the Emerald City, flying in on Saturday night and out on Monday morning. Hell of a Sunday!

Waiting at my gate at SeaTac for my return flight, I received an email from the Seahawks ticketing department. Amazingly, I had been drawn randomly out of the Super Bowl lottery!!!

There's a catch...

It wasn't until I was somewhere high over the Great Plains that I read the fine print, focusing on the details for claiming my tickets. As I was totally unaware, there are no electronic tickets issued for the Super Bowl. In an attempt to avoid ticket fraud, lottery winners must claim their tickets in person at the CenturyLink Field box office. Winners must present their photo ID, and cannot send a proxy (no exceptions). Additionally, the only acceptable method of payment is cash or money order. What the hell?

So my two Super Bowl tickets are currently sitting at the box office, waiting for me to claim them. My pair costs $1,600/seat, and they are just laughing at my geographic dilemma. Had I known ahead of time, I may have delayed my flight a half a day to swing by the CLink... though as a firm believer in my actions affecting the fate of Seahawks games, would I risk the possibility of a jinx?

I will state, it is not my intention to attend Super Bowl XLVIII, so don't feel sorry for me. Motivation for obtaining the pair of tickets would only go toward funding next season. I'm perfectly fine watching it from the comfort of my living room. Also, in talking with those who have attended a Super Bowl, the neutral crowd/field creates a strange environment that pales in comparison to the CLink atmosphere.

The more you know...

Go Hawks!

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