The Mighty (Ducks), Bad News (Bears), Million Dollar (Baby) Seahawks.

When Disney wants to create a perfect football team it has to have three things. A hero, a villain and a feel good come from behind guy. The Seahawks have all three...on both sides of the ball.

The heroes are Russell Wilson on the offense and Earl Thomas on he defense. Everyone loves them, they work hard, they play hard, they say the right things and no one says anything bad about them. They are good guys. Even the haters will say "I HATE those Seacocks...except for Russell and Earl".

The villains are Richard Sherman on defense and Golden Tate on offense. They are cocky, rough and in your face. They LOVE to talk about how much you suck, and it would be easy to just dismiss them but they are really, really good at what they do...which just makes all the haters flame (they all mad bro).

Then there are the feel good come from behind guys. Marshawn Lynch on the offense and Bruce Irvin on the defense. They come from really rough backgrounds. They have issues. But they are fun in a quirky kind of way and everybody wants to like them. They are great at what they do, but they hit regular road bumps in their personal lives that affects their game. Everyone is rooting for them to stick to the straight and narrow, not too surprised when they have hiccups and are fascinated with the entire process.

In addition to the standard "good, bad and ugly" characters, they have plenty of support characters to add to the story.

They have a guy with a handicap playing like a champ (Derrick Coleman), a grumpy, cynical old Vet that can still bring it (Chris Clemons), a team leader that was cut from the team but then brought back halfway through the season (Mike Rob), a dynamic offensive weapon that can't seem to stay healthy (Percy Harvin) and a team full of "too small, too slow, too dumb" players that were told they would never cut it in the NFL but are tearing it up as lower round or never even drafted players.

They have chips on their shoulders, fire in their bellies and itchy trigger fingers.

They love the game, cannot wait to leave it all on the field and until you have nothing left for the 4th quarter.

A team cannot truly be great unless they have great stories, and the Seahawks have stories in spades.

Just another reason they are the greatest team ever.

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