Our first offensive play better be a run....

If Darrell Bevell doesn't run the ball on the first play of the Superbowl... i'm going to kill him.

Not literally kill him.

Mr. Wonderful, from "Shark Tank" kill him.

He will be dead to me.

Did anybody else notice the similarities between last week and the Divisional playoff in Atlanta last year?

Last year against Atlanta our first offensive play was a pass and Wilson took a sack. We didn't ease our offense/Wilson into the game and our offense didn't put up a single point in the first half. In the second half we completely erased the 20-0 score from our minds and we played Seahawk football. We came out and ran the ball with authority and what do ya know everything started falling into place.

Fast forward one year and it's Deja Vu all over again.

First play of the game we decided to pass and it's a sack..... and a fumble. Just like Atlanta our offense didn't find it's rhythm in the first half and just like Atlanta that first play is a big reason why. Right before the play I seen Bevell on the phone. He was calling San Frans defensive coordinator. I read Bevells lips. Bevell said "Stick out your arm, I am about to give you a big shot of confidence!"

Once again, like Atlanta, we came out in the second half committed to the run and things fell into place.

We shot ourselves in the foot at the beginning of a 60 minute race and we are surprised we can't find our stride?

People will say that first play was Russell Wilsons fault... it was drawn up perfectly... we can't possibly blame Bevell.

I agree. A warmed up Wilson would take all the blame for that play. However, Wilson was playing at Fridays practice speed, not at NFC championship speed. Bevell is a former quarterback and should understand that even Mr. cool calm and collected needs to get warmed up and eased into things.

Why do 15 year pros still get butterfly's before kickoff? It doesn't matter who you are, everyone needs a few plays to get into the swing of things. Game speeds need to be gauged. This is coaching ABC's and our coaches need to adhere to them. I'm tired of watching washed up former players trying to out think other washed up former players. Just line up and run the damn ball. Ease this offense into things and let's get rolling a long time before halftime next week.

The football Gods went from a sack, to a sack fumble. If we come out and play action to start the game next week we deserve nothing less then a sack/fumble/defensive touchdown.

Please Bevell, pretty pretty please can we start the game playing Seahawk football?

For Pete's sake, and all of ours?

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