Seahawks heavily scouting Dillwad

Bros by any other name - Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

A farsical look at the hottest names in college football.

We sit on the eve of the 2014 Senior Bowl, highlighting the best of this year’s college seniors, which means there is no better time to really focus on some of the biggest NAMES in college with my 2nd annual Fieldgulls Compass Rose Bowl all-star rosters. Plus it’s a good bit of levity during this downtime before that other Bowl game (wink). Try to spot the real players.

First, representing the North:

Coznesster Smiff / Rutgers

Al Louis-Jean, Jr / Boston College

Silverberry Mouhon / Cincinnati

Blaze Caponegro / Temple

Dwellie Striggles / Buffalo

DeJazz Woods / Illinois

Daletavious McGhee / Minnesota

Adolphus Washington / Ohio State

Taco Charlton / Michigan

Zurlon Tipton / Central Michigan

From the Southern Alaska squad:

Kapri Bibbs / Colorado State

Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe / Boise State

Tanqueray Town / Utah

Ladennifer Jadaniston / Colorado

Osahon Irabor / Arizona State

De’Von Flournoy / Southern Cal

QuayShawne Buckley / Idaho

Jherremya Leuta-Douvere / BYU

Marqueston Huff / Wyoming

Literally just Louisiana and Mississippi:

Jerqwinick Sandolph / LSU

Orleans Darkwa / Tulane

Jacorius Cotton / Southern Mississippi

Cqulin Hubert / Southeastern Louisiana

Amon’Ta Coffee / Ole Miss

Fudge Van Hooser / Tulane

Nyquillus Dillwad / LSU

Le’Vander Liggins / LaTech

Steven Broccoli / Tulane

A’Trey-U Jones / LSU

Quanties Armand / Louisiana-Laffayette

Nexon Dorvilus / Home schooled

Ja-Mes Logan / Ole Miss


Dontavis Crocker / Georgia State

Chartavious Danzy / Georgia Southern

Kenarious Gates / Georgia

Seantavius Jones / Valdosta State

Dahistorius Lamystorius / Georgia Tech

Mantevius Rucker / Valdosta State

Kentrellis Showers / Georgia Southern

Rantavious Wooten / Georgia

Younghoe Koo / Georgia Southern

And, much like last year, almost all of those names are ACTUAL CURRENT COLLEGE PLAYERS. The only ones that aren’t real will be found in the following video. Note: Fudge Van Hooser and Fudge are not the same person. Enjoy:

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