The offense that will win the SB.

"Offense wins games but defense wins championships". We have one game to win to win the championship so what will it be?

The offense that will win this SB

The SB is a week away and I'm as calm as I have been since beating NO almost 2 months ago. I didn't post my prediction last week (It was 23-16 Seattle) and I wasn't going to post any prediction this week. However, with all the hype and attention diverted mostly to a certain cornerback and to the battle between Denver's offense and our defense I feel the urge to post something so here it is.

I'm half the world away and I have never felt so in tune with a team over a season as I do this season with my Hawks. After following this team for over 3 decades they are about to win their first SB and all the attention is diverted to the wrong place.(IMHO)

So, in my very humble opinion, this is why we will win it:

For the past week the public attention seems to be dedicated to the upcoming epic battle between the best offense that ever took the football field led by the legendary Payton Manning and one of the best defenses to ever play or trash talk in the history of the game. Will the mighty Payton be able to find his receivers against the Legion of boom? Yes, of course he will. Probably not as must as he would love to but he will. Will Seattle's D be able to get their customary Interceptions and sacks? Yes, they will. Probably not as much as they would love to but they will.

The results of the above epic struggle will only affect the Denver side of the scoreboard. The winner of this game will be the team that scores more points then its opponent (Shocking revelation) and it is my educated prediction that the Seahawks will be the team that does it. They will do it because the Seahawks offense will score more then the mighty Denver's offense. It's really that simple.

Seattle's offense will win the SB!!!!

Those few misguided pundits that waste some time talking about the Seahawks offense are doing it to pay tribute to the Beast. You can't mention the Seahawks offense without talking Beast. The beast will get his carries. It may not yield a lot at first but as the game progresses he will get more. He will end the game with over 100 hard fought yards and a touchdown. His contribution will be well noted but he will not be the reason the Seahawks win this one.

So…what's left?

Answer: The Seahawks will win because of their passing offense.

If you think that I am writing this under the influence of some heavy prescribed medication or illegal substances allow me to assure you I am not. This is also not an over reaction to the addition of fragile Percy to the receivers list for this one. I call it the way I see it.

I believe that the 27th ranked pass defense(yards allowed) of the Denver Bronco's will be a breath of fresh air for the Seahawk's passing game that faced NO twice, SF twice, ARZ, STL and NYG in the past 7 games. All the attention dedicated to the Bronco's offense facing the Seahawk's defense is working just fine for us. We will get on the field and get the Beast running as predicted. Denver will be ready and make it as hard as possible to gain meaningful yards of it and we'll be forced to pass. We will complete those passes. RW will finish the game with 66% completions and 255 yards. He will pass for 2 touchdowns. (He will also have 34 yards rushing and an MVP trophy)

I believe that the Broncos will score first and force the offense to get going and play a more diverse game plan. I believe we will score 27-30 points in this game.

I believe we will hold Denver to 23 points.

I believe we will lead by more then 1 score entering the 4th quarter.

I believe that Payton will still be a gracious and classy loser when it ends. He will accept responsibility for his 2 interceptions but in his heart he will feel that he has carried that defense on his back the whole year and that if they only played up to his level on this last big one they would have won.

This is most likely my last post. After the game I'll be in another world and resume my sideline watcher status. So it's time to say thank you.

Thank you Seahawks for making this year as amazing as it was. Thank you Field gulls for making this a home for a fan living half the world away. (Sorry for my poor English and poorer attitude…)

Go and win it.
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