J-Man Sea vs Den SB 48 part 2 the game

here i will be breaking down the game

Since this is Seattle blog i will start with what u need to do to win and outlining your Best-Case

3 Keys on Off

1 R Willion needs to play more constantly

2 M Lynch needs between 100-120 yards

3 Tale and Baldwin need to win the outside matchups aga DRC and Bailey

a bonus 1 your G's have to block Kightern

on Def

1 Force 3 and out or make manning move his feet step up into pocket

2 Your Outside LB'S must have a big game IE Get to manning or bat the ball down

3 Get a TD off a denver Turnover

Best-Case for Seattle wind is 15+ with light rain Denver start Slow its 10-10 at the half and in the 3rd 4th u wear Denver down scoring 17 more pts and crewing up the clock Denver scores very Late but its too late as u win 27-17 P Havin gets the MVP by running a kick back and having a 75 yard punt return to set up a lynch TD

For Denver

on Off

1 put manning in a rhythm early use short 5-7 yard passes to move down the field

2 Run the Ball early with moreno and ball to slow the pass rush

3 Score TD'S instead of FG'S in the red zone

on Def

1 Make Willion throw from behind and in the pocket

2 hold lynch to 60-80 yards

3 forced a turnover early so Settie stops their running game in the 3rd 4rd q

Best Case for Denver - no wind no rain they come out with a 17-0 lead after 1 q Lynch Flumbed Den gets a Def TD that makes it 24-0 Den early 2nd u get 2 TD'S its 24-14 at the half but then denver played clock ball runs a 9 min drive to start the 3rd q scored a td' its 31-14 wilson throws 2 second half int Seattle Scores a late TD to make it 31-21 but the damage is done manning is the mvp 27-39 for 305 and 2 TD 1 INT

what i really think will happen

neves start the game a slow first 10 min leads to no pts Pater kicks a 38 yard FG 3-0 Den after 1

Lynch scored on a 14 play drive with 8 50 until halftime 7-3 Sea both teams trade punts until 1 45 left then manning goes 70 yards 10-7 Den at the half

3rd Q it goes back and forth with punts R Wilson throws to havin on a screen that goes 67 yards 14-10 Seattle After 3

4th Q 7 MIN Left 4th and goal from the 5 Manning throws to Joel Dreessen in the flat 17-14 Den

Lynch gets stuffed by Kington on 4th and 1 from Den 40 with 3 20 left

Denver takes the ball and 2 first downs later they are the champs

Manning gets MVP but has a so-so game 21-34 277 2 Td 1 INT

i hope noone gets hurt and that the refs does not matter

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