Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, and the Many Personalities of Seattle



These past two weeks, I have heard many things about the Richard Sherman 'situation' as I am sure all of you have. I have stayed mostly quiet since that championship victory against San Francisco, but now here I am, and the many thoughts that have been formulating in my mind are going to come out.

The first thing I have heard is that Richard Sherman embarrassed the city of Seattle with his uneducated and thuggish rant. In fact, I have even heard this from people inside the city who just maybe aren't used to someone actually having passion for something in life. Or maybe definitely, there is still a bit of lingering racism about, even in the liberal Pacific Northwest. Because after all, Richard Sherman is just a 'Thug's thug', right? No, you called him that because you thought that it was an acceptable form or indirect racism. Racism is still prevalent in this nation whether we like it or not and it is something that black, asian, latino, and every other minority faces; and Richard Sherman has been no exception. Here is what he, himself had to say on the matter:

"The only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s the accepted way of calling somebody the n-word nowadays," Sherman said. "It’s like everyone else said the n-word, and then they say thug and that’s fine. That’s where it kind of takes me back. It’s kind of disappointing because they know. What’s the definition of a thug? Really?

And because you think his act of raw passion has lowered the standard of class in the city of Seattle, you feel it is your responsibility to apologize for his actions. This sort of assertion is maddening to me both in its social unacceptability and in its flawed logic. Why do you have the right to apologize for him? Did the Almighty God come down and tell you that you were responsible for his actions and therefore needed to compensate for them with an apology? If he did, you must be smoking some pretty interesting stuff… No one has the right to apologize for an individual. That is their sole right and the reason that an apology has any meaning and significance behind it. In addition, why does this even deserve an apology? I heard someone say that calling someone a 'sorry' receiver is a huge insult, but if you have ever played competitively in your life and know how things work; you would understand that smack talk is not personal and that it only will be if you make a big deal out of it.



Furthermore, Michael Crabtree is literally the only person in the world who has the right to take any offense to anything that was said (Which he shouldn't if he has any cojones). So all of you oversensitive San Francisco fans can learn that you don't have the right to be offended, us as Seahawks fans don't have the right to apologize, and that this shouldn't even be an issue because smack talk is smack talk.

It is true those two have history and that there is probably some bad blood. However, Sherman wasn't attacking Crabtree as a person, he used abstract terms about his play to get under his skin; that was all. In fact, we should be excited these guys are talking the way they are because it makes things more exciting as a bystander. Leave it as it is and enjoy it! People enjoyed when Muhammad Ali acted in that way. I would argue that his words are just as historic as his ability in the ring! There are many examples of people not only accepting, but indeed loving this type of rawly passionate attitude. But in the past 15 years or so, I would say that this mental toughness has begun to disappear as the nation has moved in a softer direction (I am still very anti-bullying but believe that it is important to strengthen the mental toughness of our citizens in addition to helping bullies learn the error of their ways).

So to all you fans who feel the right to apologize for Richard Sherman: You don't. He is his own individual, and a very smart and cultured individual at that who represents many of the qualities I would like to see in the youth of America.

So we have just discussed Sherman who is loud, vocal, and passionate. The logical step in this? To discuss the polar opposite in Marshawn lynch who is laid back, quiet, reserved, but still very passionate. You burned Richard Sherman at the Microphone for speaking up passionately, confidently, and for giving you reporting gold. So when a man like Marshawn Lynch didn't want to talk because eff the media? Well, you chastised him as well and ratted on him to the NFL.

Snakes in the grass! Marshawn Lynch has never been an outspoken guy. He is very funny, but he doesn't say a whole lot. He has his alter ego, but so does the whole group of D-12 and lets not forget (Spoiler Alert to anyone who didn't know!) Shock-G and Humpty Hump who were the same person.

Anyways, I believe that Marshawn Lynch's interview the first day was possibly the most important interview of the whole season as it clearly defined the attitude, beliefs, and values of the whole Seattle Seahawks team. Let's remember that Marshawn Lynch is the most important player that really turned this team around. He didn't do it with his mouth, though. He did it with a couple of nasty stiff arms and an awesomely explicit action as he jumped backward into the end zone to cap a historic Beast Quake run.



We obviously all heard Marshawn Lynch say,

Im just 'bout that action, boss

as it has swept the nation. (Link To video Here) But he also had many other nuggets that turned out to be as golden as the headphones on his head (Oh Jesus, please let those headphones be real gold because that's what his comments were). Marshawn Lynch went on to say that "[he] ain't never seen no talking win nothing". You can see that he really believes this because he is not a loud player. He also mentioned, and I paraphrase, that if the Denver Broncos try to stop him that other players will step up because the team is full of dogs. Not only does this show how Marshawn Lynch goes about the game personally, which is quietly but with devastating confidence; but it shows that he is a great teammate who supports his brothers.

Although this thought I'm about to mention is a random tangent, I thought it was too funny to ignore. When Marshawn Lynch was asked about Tom Cable and the incident with the Raiders years ago, he replied by saying, "Being from Oakland, I knew he punched people. That's my kind of person".



I absolutely love this because I am close friends with Tom Cable's son who now plays for the Idaho Vandals. According to him, he has asked his father about that incident and the response is that he didn't do it. He still believes it happened, though. Every time it is brought up, my friend Zach Cable replies with, "allegedly".

Back to my thought about the personalities of Seattle. Whether they are loud, quiet, or sound like the POTUS is speaking, the Seahawks paint a clear picture through their words that their is a tight knit brotherhood within the team. Everything they say is progressive and shows the unity of such an incredible group of athletes. Of course Russell Wilson is known for his great leadership, but Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch are both great leaders, loud or not. It is important to have different styles of leaders that players can identify with on the team. It makes a team much more successful when a team is diversified in such a way. And that, my friends, is all thanks to Pete Carroll and his philosophy.

Thank you for reading.

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