Broncos Fans on Why the Seahawks Stink: Actual Quotes!

Gems from Mile High Report, presented without editorial comment:

Analysis of how the Super Bowl will unfold.

All it will take is one of Manning’s masterful scoring drives on their first possession and the Seahawks will start to 2nd guess themselves and then its over.

I expect Seattle's D to over-pursue in the first couple of series, and hope Denver's O will help PFM take advantage of it.

Seattle Defense will be in 'panic attack' mode by middle of the 3rd quarter

PFM and company will dominate this game

Denver will be up big after two or three quarters

On why Seattle can’t slow down Denver’s offense.

It’ll also be a cold day in hell before Potroast & the O-line lets them get to Peyton!

We have four who can dominate their man on any given play, plus one coming out of the backfield.

Our Thomas boys (and Decker) have a massive size advantage on Earl Thomas

Moreno will be a difference maker in this game, because you just can’t account for everyone.

Analysis of Seattle’s defense.

Seattle’s home-field advantage is HUGE and DECISIVE

Hmm . . . hard to be in "attack mode" when, in truth, you’ll be on Manning’s vivisection table.

I don’t think that Seattle’s defense is the worry.

If you want to talk about flags that should be thrown that would alter the game it would be against the Seahawks secondary with all of the holding they do.

The NFC West features some great defenses but not a single scary offense

Seattle Defense = France 1940

"Um . . . what Maginot line? Do you have any sauerkraut?,"the Wehrmacht officer asked the fuming French waiter.

On Richard Sherman.

Therefore Sherman is the love child of Michael Winslow and Busta Rhymes?

That is one ugly SOB. I have to think he has to sneak up on a dog to pet it...

I'm pretty sure this mop got in the gene pool at some point

"Sherman, I am your father!"

I'm the best mop in the game. When you try me with sorry stain like crab apples. that's what chu gon' get. Legion of Broom.

Very nice, lol


Analysis of Seattle’s Offense.

This offense is going to score on your "Vaunted D". The question is and will always be, can your lackluster offense do enough to keep you in the game?

Seattle has an offense?

On how Seattle is not a top-5 defense. DENVER is.

take a look at the Postseason Stats -

Notice that the Seahawks are NOT a Top 5 Defense in Total Yards, Passing Yards, nor Rushing Yards. Notice that the Broncos defense is Top 5 in both Total Yards (#2) and Rushing Yards (#1). Points per game? Seattle is #1 with 16, Broncos are #2 with 16.5.

Overall, the Broncos are Top 5 in 4 of the 6 categories, while the Seahawks are Top 5 in only 1…Offense Rushing Yards per Game, which the Patriots actually were higher in.

Pre-season win over DEN shows SEA is dirty, DEN didn’t try.

It was only preseason, but...

Pete Carroll game planned against the Broncos, meanwhile the Broncos didn’t turn on a single second of film on the seahawks. They used that game as a glorified training camp practice. Anyways, when it was 1st string vs 1st string, Denver dominated

Perhaps if one of your starters was lost for the season on an arguably dirty play in a f**king preseason game, you might feel different.

And either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Carroll was going for the throat in that game. The Seahawks were not treating it like a preseason game and the Broncos were. Plain and simple.

Yes injuries happen.

But in the preseason, or hell, anytime, they shouldn’t happen as a result of dirty plays. And I understand Carroll perfectly. Win at all costs, convention be damned, bend the rules as much as possible. That about sums him up. He’s got a Bellicheat sense of sportsmanship and fair play coupled with an even worse attitude.

However, my point is that the Broncos came into that game with the intent to loosen up and get some reps for preseason, and the Seahawks came into that game with the intent to knock someones head off. And that’s what happens when two teams are playing at different speeds.

Over a full game [Peytons pre-season stats vs. SEA] would equate to (approximately!) 33 of 48 for 489 yards, 3 TDs no INTs and no Sacks.

This is a Revenge Game. This one's for Derek Wolfe.

In a preseason game this year, the Seahwaks played the Broncos like it was their Super Bowl. They were playing full speed and popping players like it was the playoffs. One of these hits brought an ambulance on the field to cart Wolfe off in a stretcher

So go ahead, don’t fear our offense. But you’re going to fear our D.

Forecasts for Super Bowl result.

I bet we win by 3 TD’s

Broncos 56-17


Broncos 31 – Seahawks 17

Den 31-13 Sea

No sweat.

And I think that Denver is going to coast to at least a ten point win in a game that is never as close as the score looks.

Final conclusions of SEA-DEN match-up analysis.

Cause man, I just can’t see any way minus major injury that the Seahawks can win.

Only way Denver loses this game is if Denver beats themselves.

Watching Peyton pick them apart is going to be so satisfying

I'll be surprised if the hawks break 20 in this game

I’m more worried about our players missing the bus than I am about them losing this game.

Not even mildly concerned.

We got this. 100%

After reading all the stories here about how the seachickens haven’t faced a hurry up offense nor a highly ranked offense, I have total confidence in the Broncos.

So the seaturkeys are going to get carved up like it’s Thanksgiving.

I want to see them bombed back to the stone ages by Peyton. I want to see them look like Afghanistan

On why people say such things on Mile High Report.

I’m just glad we live in an environment wherein we can say what we believe, bereft of repercussion, unlike old school Soviet Union.

Edit: Bonus MHR comments from today.

What matters is [which RB] will be more impactful. Moreno and Ball will be.

I really doubt Harvin is going to be much of a factor.

DENVER 27, Seattle 10

my bold prediction: Lynch is in prison in less than 10 years of his NFL life

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