What have we got left?

It has been 10 days since we have won the Superbowl.

As the main question right now is "Can the Seahawks repeat?", each analyst or expert is expressing the need for due caution with regards to the hard decisions this FO will have to take during the off-season. It sounds like this is the Ravens' post SB dismantling last year. Rest assured, it's not.

It is common practice in the NFL that anything you can strip of a SB winner is of more value than similar other players and the hunt for cap cuts and UFA's is on. However, this Seahawks team is young, deep and has most of their assets in hand for at least another year.

Before they cries about losing this or that UFA to offers he can't refuse and we can't match lets look at it first the PC way. Lets see what we do have for sure and then evaluate the rest.

If the FO will let each and every free agent player go(and they won't) what will we have left?

Lets see -


Oline: Okung, Sweezy, Unger, Carpenter, Bowie, Bailey, Jeanpierre. No a bad group to start with before draft and add-ons.

RBs : Lynch, Turbin, Michael. I could live with that…

TE : Miller, Willson, Helfet. I could live with that too…

QB : What's his name…the short guy with the SB ring…

WRs : Rice, Harvin, Kearse, Lockette, Baldwin(RFA).

I think we could far worse…


Dline : Red, Mebane, Clemens, Avril…Brooks, Scruggs, Hill, Jesse, Boatright, Mayowa…

LBs : Smith, Wagner, K.J., Irvin.

LOB : Sherman, Maxwell, Thomas, Kam, Shead.

I think most teams have far worse…

So, the above is the absolute worse we can do.

Now, keep the above list in mind as we start making those life altering dynasty crushing decisions.

Yes, I would love Bennett, Tate, Breno and possibly Thurmond too. I know the potential loses involved but it will make us stronger. If we can, we will. If we can't get them all we'll be just fine.

I also know that we can supplement some lost talent via the draft according to what's needed and what's available.

I know we'll keep finding late round and un drafted gems because it's less about the gem and more about the way we train them to be gems.

Maybe we can keep some of the minimum veteran contract players and I have a feeling that if we can't, there would be other valued vets ready to take a similar contract and play with a championship caliber team. Life in free agency veteran world is not as rossy as it used to be.

All in all, as I look at our absolute worse roster and realize it will only get better then that, I feel calm and safe. Whatever "hard decisions" will be taken I know comes September there won't be a team in the NFL eager to face us.

Yes, the rich will only get richer. A very strange feeling for a long term hawks fan.


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