Fellow 12s,

Reading a few articles today I ended with 3 questions I'd like to share with you and hear what you have to say about them.

Question no. 1 – Good rice or bad rice?

With the need to free money under the cap to try and sign the likes of Tate and Bennett etc. the first name on the list of cap casualties is Sidney Rice. With his huge cap hit, his injury history and his unimpressive production at the start of 2013 he is the obvious immediate suspect. However, add all the above and considering he is working his way back from an ACL injury I fail to see other NFL teams lining up to pad his pockets with lucrative offers. In fact, I can't see him getting more then a one year 3-4M prove it contract at best. This situation poses an interesting question. If this is his market value today why not us? Maybe we can have the rice cake and eat it? Maybe those 9.5M will be enough to have both Tate and Rice especially considering that rookie WRs take at least a year to mature and produce?

Question no. 2 – To QB or not to QB?

I just read an article by Jason La Canfora at CBS titled "Quaterbacks are underpaid thanks to stagnant salary cap". His main point is defending high QB salaries against the public view that RW SB success is indication that QBs are way overpaid. It got me thinking. 4 out of 6 NFC playoff teams had a QB on rookie contract and 3 of the 4 are not even top 1st round picks. Maybe in this day and age it's better to spend the 15-20M top QB cost on the team around him?

Here is a hypothetical question –

Your offense spends 25M on it's skill players. (WRs, TEs. RBs)

It spends another 15M on it's Oline that is therefore not performing a great job.

You can either put a rookie QB and boost your Oline with at least 2 quality players (15M combined) that will open the run game and protect the young talent or pay the same amount to a top QB that will be running for his life most season. What would you do? What will work better?

Question no. 3 – Business or family?

With the free agents season upon us we hear the usual mantra –

"I love the team, the organization and the city. We are all like brothers here but I have to think about my family. It's only business"

I love people who value family and strive to take care of them. However, can you say the above with a straight face when you are already a multimillionaire or about to become one. Whenever I hear it I can see an agent coaching his player what to say.

I'm okay with a player wanting to get the most he can get no matter what. It is a business and the team will make business decisions that may be very cold and painful so why shouldn't players do same?

That being said, be a man about it. Don't whine about your family when you earn in a year more then most people earn in a lifetime.

Do you feel the same way?

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