Mid Round Prospects

In the coming months we’re going to hear plenty about the guys like Jadaveon Clowney, Jake Mathews, Johnny Manziel and Anthony Barr (whom I love as a prospect). But if you’re a draft geek such as me you’re going to want to her about the other 222 players who don’t get drafted in the first round. The players that organizations hit on in the mid-rounds turn contenders into Super Bowl champs. This year’s crop of second and third round talent is much more impressive than last year where fourth round picks like Chris Harper get cut. Since I’ve started taking serious interest in the draft I haven’t seen a more impressive group than the 2011 draft while the 2012 is a close second. I believe this year can surpass both of those classes because of the offensive firepower supplied by players like Odell Beckam, Lache Seastrunk and Paul Richardson who have the potential to be game breakers in the NFL.

In the first round the Seahawks have plenty of options with the 32nd pick. If John Schneider were to go strictly off of need I would say they take a guard with their first pick with Cyril Richardson or Gabe Jackson. Tackle is in play as well with guys like Cyrus Kouandijo and Antonio Richardson, this is concerning because Breno Giacomini’s pending free agency. In either case I see offensive line being the first pick due to the depth at every other position if anything else. Wide Receiver is certainly intriguing as well with Golden Tate hitting the market. The only other positions I could see the Seahawks consider in the first round is defensive tackle or tight end. This of course gets thrown out if Pete and John find a prospect they love that’s still on the board.

If the Seahawks find themselves without a tackle at the end of the second round I see Billy Turner out of North Dakota State being seriously considered. At first glance Turner is an absolute monster at 6-6 314 lbs. when looking at tape the first thing I notice is how he fires off the ball in run blocking and wins consistently against all competition he faced. This initial explosion and acceleration when pulling leads me to believe he will run well at the combine raising his draft stock. The athleticism and continuous exposure will eventually bring him to the second round. Some things that Turner could improve on is his feet in pass pro, I see too often long lengthy steps that will make him susceptible to the bull rush. Bad hand placement leads to holding penalties that absolutely kill drives. You see Turner’s head dip at times as well, but both happen rarely enough to where it isn’t a serious problem and could be corrected by good coaching. Besides those problems I see Turner as a raw talent who has potential to be a longtime NFL starter.

Billy Turner vs Kansas State (2013) (via DCheeseB)

Jarvis Landry was half of the dynamic duo at LSU last season posting 77 Rec, 1193 Yrds and 10 TDs. Landry’s best attribute has to be his hands, he may be the best pass catcher since Chris Carter. With some of the insane grabs that he made against Arkansas and Florida you can see why, this kid has talent. When it comes to the physical attributes there is a little to be desired. Landry isn’t a large bodied receiver nor is he a burner; he’s built to be a number two for a solid team that doesn’t need him to make all the plays. I liked how well Landry blocked for Les Miles’ run heavy offense. Landry’s awareness and route running is above average as well but can be certainly improved as he didn’t separate enough from corners and made too many insane catches that he won’t be able to make as good DBs will separate him from the ball. Overall I like Landry as a late second who could see him falling due to bad combine numbers.

Jarvis Landry vs S.Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi St, Ole Miss, Arkansas & Clemson (2012) (via Adrian Ahufinger)

I’m having a hard time picking a Tight End for a good second round value. There is no possible way that Ebron, Amaro or Sefarian-Jenkins will be available. I have no doubt Troy Niklas will be there at 64 but I really like what I’m seeing from Arthur Lynch. Lynch has good build at 6’5" 258 lbs. and will most likely run a 4.80 40. There will be concern over the 40 time but we have our burner in Luke Willson. The reason I think Lynch is a good prospect is because of his blocking. Against the SEC (minor league football) he held his own run blocking from the tape I’ve seen. Lynch isn’t going to blow players off the ball but he seals the edge well and allowed Todd Gurley to make some explosive runs. Lynch’s hands in blocking were excellent from what I’ve seen keeping them inside his frame and not over-extending to try and pancake the defender. In the receiving department Lynch doesn’t ‘wow’ you but is a reliable target over the middle. During their bowl game Hutson Mason looked to Lynch consistently when needing a first down. If Lynch adds a few pounds of muscle I can see him being a clone of Zach Miller, a pasty white guy who can block.

Arthur Lynch vs Tennessee 2012 (via JPDraftJedi)

This draft class is pretty deep and if I know Pete and John (which I don’t) they’ll make the most of the picks that they have. I’m curious to see a possible trade back from the 32nd pick to get a third rounder. Trading up is certainly a possibility as well due to the difficulty a seventh rounder would have making the team because of the insane amount of talent this Seahawks organization has acquired. Draft season is upon us and my excitement for May 8th cannot be contained.

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