12 All Time Seahawks

So, I wasn't feeling so good today and decided to kill time by trying to come up with a way to rank Seahawks by their all time value to the franchise. I wanted to account for peak years while also giving credit for longevity and for playing on competitive teams while also accounting for positional value.

I came up with this formula:

((.5*seasons played)+(Games started/Games played)+(All Decade Team*1)+(Pro Bowl*.25)+(All Pro *.5)+(Player of Year/MVP*.75)+(Winning Season*.1)) multiplied by positional value=Players value to franchise

All Pro-I considered 2 sources, the AP (1st or 2nd team) and PFWA (1st or 2nd team) for credit because these teams have been announced yearly for all of the Seahawks franchise history. All Decade teams are voted on by the AP and credit was given for both 1st and 2nd team. Winning seasons meant 9 wins and making the playoffs was irrelevant, 9 wins is 9 wins.

I considered every Seahawk who had made a Pro Bowl or played 150+ games with the franchise

Positional values were rated using the following:

QB-1, T/DE-.9, WR/DT/RB/CB-.8, LB/S/TE/FB-.7

And, yes I had too much time on my hands.

Here is all the data for Steve Largent


Now for the top 12 Seahawks of all time using my completely made up system

1-Walter Jones-14.805

2-Steve Largent-11.948

3-Cortez Kennedy-10.694

4-Dave Krieg-8.276

5-Shaun Alexander-8.136

6-Joe Nash-8.102

7-Steve Hutchinson-7.914

8-Kenny Easley-7.615

9-Matt Hasselbeck-7.303

10-Jacob Green-7.271

11-Dave Brown-6.975

12-Jeff Bryant-6.800

7/12 are from Knox era-Longevity due to lack of free agency helped this group

4/12 are from Holmgren era-Hate him all you want but Hutchinson 5 year run in Seattle was dominate

1/12 are from the Flores/Erickson era-The 90's really were terrible

I also found an average by taking their total and dividing it by the number of seasons they were in Seattle, that list looks a little different:

1-Steve Hutchinson-1.583-5 years of dominance truly

2-Russell Wilson-1.350-Go Wilson!!!!

3-Richard Sherman-1.301-Off to a hell of a start

3-Walter Jones-1.234-Truly an amazing talent

4-Kenny Easley-1.088-This guy belongs in Canton

5-Earl Thomas-1.041-Franchise player, no question

6-Marshaun Lynch-1.023-Beast Mode

7-Shaun Alexander-1.017-Severely underrated by Hawks fans IMO

Those are all the guys that have an average over 1. The Carroll guys are off to a hell of a start, sure those ratings may not hold for ever (they won't make every Pro Bowl) but this list may look significantly different in a decade.

FYI. Kennedy had a 0.972 yearly average and Largent had a 0.853 yearly average.

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